So, like, I’m going to London

In just a few short days I’ll be jetting off to foreign shores.  I fully intend to use this trip to resuscitate my JA fan fic malaise.  I can not tell you how many emails I get or DWG board requests there are asking me when I will finish “For the Love of Jane.”



You see, it’s like this…

I can’t finish that story until I finish Heart’s Guardian, which, if you can believe it (and you probably won’t) is coming along rather nicely.  I have been working on it solidly for the last two weeks and hopefully (keep you fingers crossed) I will have a chapter ready to post before they call for final boarding.

As for the trip, there are several places that I will definitely be seeing: The Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum, Harrod’s (and what’s “behind” Harrods… which I am not talking about just yet, but if you Google it, you will find out)  I also want a Pippa handbag, so I will definitely seek out a store that carries it.  I really don’t want to do the kitschy touristy places, so no Madame Tussaud’s, no changing of the guard.. and probably no London Eye either.

I’m really excited and I can not wait to start taking photos.


15 thoughts on “So, like, I’m going to London

    • Yes, I saw several reviews and people were basically saying give it a miss. Actually, I was going to try to see Westminster Abbey if I have time. I doubt I will be able to squeeze in St Pauls, as well. Thanks for your suggestions, anyway! 🙂

  1. Enjoy London, it’s lovely here! 🙂 Oh Madam Tussauds is great fun, you’re missing out! Oh museum wise, I would recommend the Natural and Science. They’re right near the V & A. Enjoy!

    • I am a design geek more so than a science geek, so the V&A is a definite. It’s already going to be pretty tight to get in the British Museum too. But thanks for your suggestion. I’m sure that it’s great! 🙂

    • Hans Place!! You know, where Jane lived with her brother when she came to London to deal with her publishers. 🙂

    • Kirsty, don’t you know that we ignorant, under-educated American’s don’t know anything about the weather in Centigrades? So 3C means almost nothing to me. 🙂

      However, I have a weather App on my iPod and it is currently telling me that it is 36 degrees Farenheit in London with the 7 day forecast to be sunshine with temps topping the upper 30s. Since our freezing is 32F and 0C is yours, I think I will be ok. Cold doesn’t effect me over much as long as there is no wind,

  2. Oh! So excited for you! I loved my too short visit to London! The Tower of London is worth the trip just to see the crown jewels up close. Heck, I just loved walking around. And the people are so friendly. The food…not so tasty. But, it is a chance to get some good Indian and classic English breakfast is a treat. And if you get to see a play at the Globe, it is definitely worth it!

    • My trip is going to be “too short”, too. But I am excited… intermingled with feelings of dread. I keep obsessing over the ridiculous stuff like: forgetting my passport and not remembering it until I am actually sitting on the plane and the flight attendant has just bolted the door. Or getting robbed during some back alley currency exchange or, even worse, not knowing which stop to get off on the underground (hey that happened to me in NYC… not fun). 🙂

      • There are tube map diagrams by the station entrances, on the platform and on the trains. Most trains have an automated announcement telling you what the next stop is.
        I was completely baffled by the NYC underground system, I just didn’t understand it at all and it frightened the life out of me.

        Do bring your layers though, the temperature is dropping:

    • BTW: Did you take any photos while you were there? Are they posted online? Would love to see them. I’m also going to re-read Bridget Jones this weekend to get myself in the swing of things!

  3. Squeee!! So happy for you. Sounds like you’re going alone and not on an organized tour, but if you have a GPS app and a map, and you don’t mind asking strangers for info on getting to the right Tube station, you should do well.

    • Thanks! I am happy, too! I travel best alone. My sister and I went on a trip once. I thought I was going to murder her before the end of it.

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