Talking about that show that everyone is probably watching right now…

I am Tess of the d’Urbervilles to your Angel Clare…”

Now that “a certain show” has just started, I can finally admit that I have seen it AND it’s Christmas episode.  And while you all know that I loved the first season, I didn’t particularly like its second.

Of course I would not spoil it for you for the world.  Liking/not liking it is simply my opinions and you all know that I am really really picky.  All it takes is for one thing to set me off… and I was set off by more than one thing.

I will say this, it does redeem itself “somewhat” during its Christmas episode, but not really to my complete liking.  If you too have seen it, I would welcome your opinions of it in the comments if you are so inclined.


2 thoughts on “Talking about that show that everyone is probably watching right now…

  1. Well you know I’ve seen it and wonder if the ending won’t spoil the next series.
    Liked it – despite it the frequent ad breaks. I think I’ve been spoiled by watching too much on the BBC.
    Talking of British TV, I do like a bit of Sherlock (we’re on series 2 atm) – and I see Mr Cumberbatch has been cast as the baddie in the next Star Trek!

    • After the ending, all I can think is “Where can they take it now?” I mean, that was the entire push for the show. The only solution I can see is to focus on another character, but that will be difficult as the other characters are not really the leads (excepting HughBon and Dame Maggie). I think they missed an opportunity with Hugh’s character and that situation he found himself in. He didn’t have to pay a price for his bad behavior; they buttoned it up too quickly – they could have dragged that out for a few episodes at least. At the point they left it, I feel that they might as well not have told it in the first place.

      As for Star Trek: I had read that news. I also heard that they wanted Peter Weller (Robocop) for that role first, but he turned them down. Which would have been REALLY stupid anyway because Peter Weller already played the villain… on Star Trek: Enterprise. I haven’t seen BC in Sherlock, That come on Masterpiece Mystery and I stopped watching MM when all the good mystery shows went off the air: Prime Suspect, Inspector Lyndley, etc… and they started putting on Agatha Christie and the like… and I cannot abide Agatha Christie. I like my mystery shows with more edge!

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