Red Tails: I can’t wait for this film!

Looks great!!


7 thoughts on “Red Tails: I can’t wait for this film!

  1. I’ve known about the Tuskegee Airmen for years, but wonder if the movie has an actual storyline/plot. It doesn’t look like a documentary. Definitely something I’ll want to see!

    I assume the “wink” icon is because you know who George Lucas is dating?

    • Well back in the day, GL was criticised for not including any POC in Star Wars (hence Billy Dee Williams being cast as Lando Calrission) I am not going to say that the reason Red Tails was made was because of his girlfriend’s influence, but sometimes it helps to know something of what other ethnicities might enjoy to open your eyes to all that filmmaking could be when stories are told from all walks of life.

      • I looked up the Red Tails page on Wikipedia. It says: “George Lucas began developing Red Tails around 1988 with a scheduled release in 1992” – which would be way before he started dating Mellody Hobson. Glad that he invited Tuskegee airmen to his ranch for interviews; fingers crossed the interviews will be on the DVD.

      • Having a film in development 20 years ago is completely different from actually having it made. Hollywood is a business and the business aspect probably didn’t favor a cast composed almost entirely of African-Americans “telling an historical tale”. The only film that comes to mind is the film “Glory” and I can’t recall a major Hollywood film that came after that which falls in the same category. “The Color Purple” doesn’t count, because it was fiction… in addition to having the Spielberg name attached to it.

        In addition, Lucas seemed way more interested in getting his complete vision for Star Wars out there for all the world to see, so he probably didn’t have the time to put any effort into Red Tails.

        I wasn’t saying Ms Hobson influenced him into actually making the film, I was only intimating that now that Mr Lucas’ significant other is of African-American descent, his eyes have probably been opened into the African-American cultural realm more so now than it has been before. The exact same thing may have happened if he were dating an Asian or Latina: You get to know what your partner enjoys, you interact with your partners friends and family and perhaps you start to think, hey, others might enjoy this as well. Besides, “He’s George Lucas, dammit TM!” He can get it done.

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