Will these bloody cataracts and hurricanes never stop?

Although it doesn’t look like much of a hurricane (yet) I decided to foist my poor video-taking skills upon you all once again.  This is to give you left coasters and in-betweeners a slight taste of tropical storm force winds.  Hurricane force winds will come later.

However, I can hear that it has picked up a bit outside and the lights are flickering a bit.  So stay tuned.  I might have another video shortly.  Oh crap… the power…


4 thoughts on “Will these bloody cataracts and hurricanes never stop?

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts. On the whole, my area of town came out OK. Unfortunately, a woman on the other end of Newport News lost her son; very sad.

    • Thanks! Irene, for me, at least, wasn’t too much of anything. Flickering lights and wind damage for the most part and luckily no flooding. I am fortunate. I still have power and internet. A lot of people are without power.

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