Searching for Queen Guinevere…

A funny little thing just happened and in a way it points out the flaw in some peoples way of thinking about color and race.

I was checking my stats and saw that someone found my blog by searching for “queen guinevere” and I could not imagine how they got here performing that particular search.

I do occasionally post about Merlin, but figured that that wasn’t enough to get the search engines interested, so I plugged in the words myself. I did not see my blog show up in Google, but something else caught my eye: A link to a Queen Guinevere Barbie.

And you all know I can not resist a Barbie, so I clicked the link.

Imagine my surprise at what a saw: A Queen Guinevere Barbie Doll… that was not black. I blinked, thinking to myself: that can not possibly be right. I blinked again… and then I remembered.

In other words, Merlin has TOTALLY changed my perception of who Guinevere is. Several years ago, a Caucasian Guinevere doll would not have phased me in the slightest. Yet, this has just proved a point to me and should to everyone who dissed Gwen when Merlin first aired on television: Gwen’s color or race is not an issue whatsoever! She will be the Queen and is doing a heck of a job proving it!

I well remember the outrage that followed (and that continues some places on the web to this day) because Gwen is not portrayed as she was expected to be portrayed.  Personally, I have totally accepted Angel Coulby as Guinevere, not for the color of her skin, but for the content of her character.  I can not imagine her Merlin character being played by any other person, and I would hope that the majority of people out there feel the same way as I do.

(with apologies to Dr King)


5 thoughts on “Searching for Queen Guinevere…

  1. I agree with you on this…

    I love Angel Coulby as Gwen and can’t imagine anyone else in the role. To me it isn’t about the color of her skin the actress is wonderful and had made Gwen her own.

    • And now if it would only return so we can get our fix! I saw an online preview of what they showed at the San Diego Comic-Con (a very bad telephone video) and all it did was wet my appetite for more. Can’t wait.

  2. I agree. I admit I started watching Merlin because Gwen was black and they had other black secondary characters. It made me look past the initial cheesiness.

    But, I think Angel Coulby makes a wonderful Guinevere. I prefer her Guinevere to others I have seen for the actress and what the writers have done for her character–making her a commoner, making her sweet and noble and rescuing her from the prevailing myth that Gwen was selfish and unfaithful. I could never imagine this Guinevere cheating on Arthur with Lancelot–not just because they love one another but for Gwen’s character.

    • But it does make me wonder what they will do with the Lancelot character. I have a theory. While I don’t think that Gwen will be unfaithful to Arthur, I do believe that there is unfinished business between L & G. Think about the ending of season three… all those glances across a crowed room — Lancelot will probably do something foolish, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Morgana was behind it.

      • I suspect that too. There have been all these spoilery pictures from the filming of season 4 where it looks like Lancey and Gwen are under a spell and Arthur storms in on them all angry.

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