Why don’t they show the Sci-Fi genre any love?

I mean, like, if you are a vampire, everybody loves you!

Same with Zombies.  And Werewolves.  It’s like everyone is rushing to get your Horror Genre series made!

However, if you are a Sci-Fi show, it’s almost as if your days are numbered even before the second show airs.  And a second season… if you have made it that far, the death nell is neigh.

Don’t believe me?

SGU: Gone!

Caprica: Gone!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Gone!

Jericho: Gone!

FlashForward: Gone!

Defying Gravity: Bang, zoom… (but understandable) 🙂

So here I sit this evening watching the preview for Falling Skies, TNT’s new sci-fi series.  I just know they are going to eventually  break my heart.

But it looks so good and has all the elements that are sure to suck me in: Space ships.  Hostile Aliens. Apocalyptic futures. A rag-tag band of humans fighting back…

“Boy oh, boy,” she says, rubbing her hands together with glee.

But what am I going to do?  Do I allow myself to get sucked (and suckered) in knowing that they are only going to yank my chain just as the getting gets good?  Or, do I ignore them all-together and pretend that there is no such show.

I’ll let you decide.


15 thoughts on “Why don’t they show the Sci-Fi genre any love?

  1. I’m trying to think of a mainstream science fiction space show, and I’m coming up blank. I think even classics like Star Trek were fringe in a sense.

    Heroes were pretty mainstream. 4400, their predecessor, merged spaceships with superpowers.

    Doctor Who is going strong still. Eureka is a summer regular. Let’s see…I’m still following Sanctuary, on and off. Oh–then there’s Fringe. That’s solid Sci-fi, even if it’s not of the classic spaceship variety.

    Space: Defying Gravity had potential before it got cancelled. Virtuality didn’t even get a chance beyond the pilot, which was a real shame because it could have been so good.

  2. I know right? Do you remember the show Cleopatra 2525? I really loved that show and the next thing I knew…gone. I think the Syfy channel should take off WWF or whatever it is, (I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out where’s the aliens) lol and get some of these shows on the air!

    I really missed Sliders, Firefly…the list goes on…

    • I can only think that having the WWF on SyFy is purely financial. They have already burned us, so we can’t take them seriously anymore. So, WWF, why not?

  3. I hear you! I’ve decided that I am like a black widow for new TV shows — if I start to like a show, it’s going to be cancelled, or it’s going to jump the shark.

    • Then I must be a black widow, too! Everything I like disappears the next day, and stuff I NEVER watch (i.e. True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, et. al) keeps going and going and going and going… I have come to the conclusion that television for the educated, enlightened masses does not exist!

  4. I absolutely loved Jake 2.0, and it got canned. You are right, even Battlestar Galactica wasn’t even on a mainstream channel in the UK.

    • After the first episode, I never watched the “newer” Battlestar Galactica. I was such a fan of the original. That first episode was far too confusing: Cylons that weren’t Cylons, and a female Starbuck… all way too disturbing.

      • I know! That first episode tried to do too many things and explain too much fringe stuff right away. The female Starbuck threw me too AND she’s SO terribly unlikeable off the bat. I mean, give me a chance to build up some good will towards her before you let the asshatery show up. Oh well….

      • Sometimes, reboots do not consider the old fans. It’s like the makers of the reboot must have thought that we “old-timers” must have Alzheimers or died or something, giving them free reign to come up with what they will.

        Star Trek 2009, for the most part, got this right. They did not dismiss us old trekkers, and threw in enough nostalgia to placate most of us. However, I still have not forgiven them for putting in R2D2. I felt that was disrespectful to Trekkers. OK, so JJA is a Star Wars fan, I get it. But if a Trekker filmmaker had done something like that in a Star Wars film, there would be hell to pay!

  5. Totally agree with you and all the other commenters. All I have to say is FIREFLY. I was like really? Joss Whedon, THE JOSS WHEDON can’t get any love? Ridiculous, that’s what that is.

    At least we do still have Doctor Who and although Merlin isn’t Sci-Fi (more like fantasy), I’m just glad it’s still in the mix.

    Thanks for the post dearest and I hope you’re feeling better. *hugs*

    • Well considering that NBC ditched Merlin at its first opportunity… but then, it was a UK production first and therefore not solely dependent on an American audience to keep it going. But it is hanging in there.

      As for feeling better…not up to 100% yet, but I refuse to be a prisoner in this house, so making myself go out and do things… light activities like the movies. I developed another complication after surgery, so I’m still pretty tired. Thanks for the virtual hug!!!

    • Yes, a couple of people have mentioned it here and over on CNN. I could never get into that show (or Babylon 5.)

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