I will be taking a little break from the blog over the next few days

Last year at this time some of you will remember that I had a minor surgery.  Well, the condition I had was not totally cured and in fact, it has moved to the opposite side.  However, this time around, instead of invasive surgery, I get to go the non-invasive route.   My doctor, tried to push the invasive surgery again, but I can not help but think that he doesn’t have my best interest at heart, so hence the other option. 

Unfortunately, I will still have to be under general anesthesia–which I absolutely hate–because I am one of those people who need to be in control at all times. And as some of you know, it takes a few days for those drugs to work it’s way out of your system.

I wanted to have the next chpter of Heart’s Guardian up and ready to tide you over, but with all the running around to have labs and x-rays done, I haven’t had anytime to write.  I do have a chapter of one of my other stories almost ready to go, so if I can get it presentable looking, I will post that sometime tonight. 

See you all in a few days!  Much love!



7 thoughts on “I will be taking a little break from the blog over the next few days

  1. Good luck Miss T. I hope everything goes well and your downtime is not too long, or uncomfortable. xxx

  2. Thanks everyone for your well-wishes. I am still not 100%, but I am slowly getting there. Tylenol has become “4th meal” around here. Doctor did prescribe Percocet but I refuse to be drugged-up. My pain killer of choice, Ibuprofen has been denied me. 😦 Haven’t been able to write, my brain just isn’t functioning and I can’t seem to string a coherent sentence together. Food revolts so I’m pretty wonked. Will try to get back to writing over the weekend; will see. Thanks again!!

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