A brief glimpse of Queen Guinevere

So we finally got to see our girl, Gwen, as the Queen of Camelot.

Funny, I was thinking that we’d never get to see it… never thinking we’d get this far in the series;  cancellation always seems to be looming around on the edges with this series.  But there is a loyal following and the show has been renewed, so Merlin fans can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.


6 thoughts on “A brief glimpse of Queen Guinevere

  1. I KNOW, right?? I thought the very same thing!! I was all, “is Arthur EVER going to make a move when he so CLEARLY wants to?” And last night, he did. I mean, if they haven’t been cancelled for Morgana and that stupidly evil smile she plasters on her face whenever she turns away from Uther or Arthur, then I don’t know what will. But Guin looked great with her crown on, yes?

    • I’ve been reading a couple of blogs on the subject of Merlin and the resentment that is starting to build around the Morgana character simply because of her smirks is growing. I guess that most people don’t know that K.M. is a relatively new(ish) actor, so her catalog of dark looks is somewhat limited. They get on my nerves as well and all I keep saying is, get on with this thing already. Apparently it is coming. If anyone reads the UK sites (where the show has already aired) Morgana and Morgause finally have their day!

  2. So happy to hear this! I am a HUGE Merlin fan so Friday nights at nine o’clock I’m in front of my tv watching SyFy.

    I was glad that Arthur finally admitted that he was in love with her!

    Gwen looks great as queen…lol

    • I don’t have cable so I usually rent the episodes from iTunes. You can’t beat 99 cents… (just realized there’s no cent symbol on keyboard. What rock have I been living under?)

      I was reading an one of the Merlin boards that this particular episode was shown out of sequence, it should have come before that last episode where Arthur goes on the quest to the realm of the Fisher King. Now it all makes sense (i.e. Morgana seemed surprised that Arthur liked Gwen) now it’s put it all in the proper perspective.

  3. Merlin is my show! When it is on in the UK, I am constantly at my computer waiting for someone to post a link to the episodes. I don’t have cable so I can’t wait for SyFy to air them. heck, I wouldn’t have the patience.

    I agree about Morganna. Her smirks drove me mad. I mean, why could no one ever see them? At least they finally let Gwen notice the smirk of doom in Queen of Hearts. It makes sense–Gwen was always the most observant. I just wonder when they’ll let her in on Merlin’s secret. I hope that happens in season 4.

    • This show sort of sneaked up on me. I watched it when it first came on NBC. I tired of it almost immediately and stopped watching it. Then it made it’s appearance on Hulu.com where I was able to sit down and watch one show after another in sequence. Watching shows in one swoop is so much better. I have no patience for weekly episodic television. Being able to see things is rapid suggestion makes one able to follow the story arcs better. That way I could see what they were cooking up with Merlin. I am now addicted to the show.

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