Oh, the terrible, mind-blowing things you learn during the day

For example, co-worker told me that he had never heard or seen Star Trek: the Animated Series… PLUS, even MORE SHOCKING he had never heard of The Thunderbirds.

What, YOU never heard of The Thunderbirds, either? (oh, you kids; what am I going to do with you? -ed)

Well, let me enlighten you (and no, I am not talking about the U.S. Air Force aerial flying team “Thunderbirds” (who, I was obliged to see every.single. year when I was growing up due to living on an Air Force base, but I digress…)

And don’t even get me started on Captain Scarlet! What can I say, Supermarionation was the bomb!


4 thoughts on “Oh, the terrible, mind-blowing things you learn during the day

  1. What? How old was this chap? I have seen both full-length Thunderbirds films in the cinema – they were great. I was OBSESSED when I was a kid, and with Joe 90 and that underwater one that I forget. Long live Jerry Anderson (and Sylvia). We have a soccer anchor here in Scotland who is nicknamed “Captain Scarlet” coz he looked very like him in his youth:

    • He is about ten years younger but they played both ST:TAS and TB in re-runs in America for years! Strange. I can understand CS as I only remember seeing that show when I lived in the UK, so that may not be as well known. And the photo… your footballer is TOTALLY Captain Scarlet!!! Ah the memories… Captain Scarlet, Blue Peter, Billy Liar… I was probably a strange kid. πŸ™‚

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