My Star Trek nerd-a-tude knows no bounds

Just discovered that has now uploaded Star Trek: The Animated Series…. I will never get any writing done.

If you only have time for one episode today, do make it: The Lorelei Signal.  Not just to see Ms. Uhura in command of the Enterprise, but to laugh hysterically when Nurse Christine Chapel becomes all verklempt when her “man” gets into trouble.


4 thoughts on “My Star Trek nerd-a-tude knows no bounds

  1. You have done it now…

    I never had a chance to see the animated series because I was living in Germany at the time…


    • I haven’t seen them in years and I don’t really remember them all that well. It’s been fun spending the last few days watching them. Some of them are actually pretty good if you can get over the stilted delivery and the sub-par illustration. I read that the series even won a Daytime Emmy.

  2. Like the redesign.

    Also, now I have more things to waste time with rather than writing! Thanks!
    But really, I can’t wait to watch The Lorelei Signal. People kept telling me that the conceit of Tomorrow Has Troubles Enough was just like it. Now I can see it for myself!

    • Thanks, but I cannot take credit for the design. It is one of the many WP templates. I need to switch out that image though. 🙂

      Yes, that episode has a similar premiss, but yours is the better story. I hope you enjoyed our girl getting her captainacy on!

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