Speaking of being a trek nerd…

Kirsty (of Boblog) sent me a link to some really interesting “Victorian style photographs” a while back.  At the time I was out of town and in my own little world and promptly forgot all about them.

Then today, the author, Jennifer Weiner was tweeting about William Shatner being on the same plane as her (imagine that… I would have imploded from the sheer glee of seeing Captain Kirk sitting down beside be).  That instantly reminded me of the link Kirsty sent.  Of course, I have since “stolen” one of the photos for my own viewing pleasure…

Kirk as a Field Marshall

But wait, there’s more “Victorian” Star Trek….

You know this is just screaming for “someone” to write a Victorian era Trek time travel story!


5 thoughts on “Speaking of being a trek nerd…

  1. These are great, have seen them before, aren’t Checkov and Sulu wonderful! Linstock did this cross-over beauty this week, check it out.

    And the SteamPunk / SteamhipPunk story, um I believe some author called Spockchick has done something along those lines, which is also based around the poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Only 3 chapters out of 18 left to go *scuttles away in embarrassment*. It is not explicit, but features some “distressing scenes” as they say in the movies.

    • That is a cool piece of art!

      I miss all the cool stories now. As I may have mentioned before, I don’t go on FF.net anymore. It killed my last computer with a virus and I am not risking to new one. 😦

      • Yeah, I’m pretty darned sure FF ate my PC too, which is why I switched to Unix. I might publish it on LJ when it is done, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on this beautiful banner made for me by Linstock on LJ. McCoy in a Naval Uniform and Spock in a linen suit.

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