Well, you knew somebody had to do it…

…and why not me? 🙂

Downton Abbey Quote T-shirt

D.A. Quote T-shirt

Seriously, if you  do want one, please email me with your size preference (medium or large… for now)  I need to put in a minimum order, and I just want to get an idea of what that would be. If you do require a larger or smaller size, please let me  know.  If I get enough of a particular size, I will go ahead and order them as well.

Once I reach minimum, I will contact you directly with my Paypal info.  T-shirts will be black  with white lettering.  $20 each with free shipping in the US!!

BTW: These are screen printed NOT laser printed (i.e. cafe press style) so they will hold up really well!

Email me here: teresa {AT} thegirlsownpaper {DOT} com

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ETA: It has been pointed out to me that “week end: is spelled “weekend”.  And before you too send me an email, I just wanted to say that yes, I do realize that.  However, I don’t agree.  You must consider who is saying what and why.

She (meaning the Dowager) doesn’t say weekend because she doesn’t know what it is.  So, I believe that someone in her situation would say what she knows.  I personally think she would say “week end” and in reviewing the “tape” I think that is what was coming across.

Of course, the best person to ask in this situation would be Julian Fellows and since I don’t know him I can’t ask. 🙂

This reminds me so much of the entire Kenelworth/ Kenilworth spelling debacle of last year. 😉

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ETA – Part 2: Crap!  SOLD OUT. Plus, my friggin’ store crashed.  I guess that’s a good thing? 😉