Heart’s Guardian – Chapter 4

Author’s note: my lucky day becomes your lucky day!

Chapter 4


Her eyes opened and she looked around sleepily.

“Computer, time.”

But it was not the computer who answered.

The time is 0504 hours, Nyota. I have made tea.” Spock sat down on the edge of the bed.

Thank you,” she said groggily while sitting up to take the offered cup. She then looked around, trying to remember how she’d dressed in her nightgown and got in the bed.”

You missed dinner last evening, therefore you must be hungry; your breakfast is on the table.”

She reached out and stroked his cheek with her free hand.

“Did I ever tell you how much I adore you?”

Frequently and vociferously,” Spock replied, while leaning into her touch.

And don’t you forget it, Buster.”

She leaned forward to kiss him.

When she had finished, he leaned back and replied, “I shall endeavor to remember that always.” He then bent over in the opposite direction and began to put on his boots.

Where are you going so early?” she whispered.

Mr. Scott wishes to discuss the warp engine manifolds before we report for duty,” he responded, just as quietly.

At five in the morning?” She asked, her voice tinged with incredulity.

We thought it best to proceed early. Mr. Scott is determined to have the ship ready for the Captain’s inspection sooner rather than later.”

Well, I guess we can’t damn him for his enthusiasm.”

Spock turned to face her, raising an eyebrow.


Indeed,” she smiled as she reached out to run her fingernails though his hair. “There; perfect, as always.”

As her hand moved away, he seized her fingers.

Nyota, I spoke to my father while you were sleeping.”

Oh?” she blinked once and took a quick sip of tea. “How is Sarek?”

His health is always excellent.”

Spock, how is your father?”

Spock sighed deeply before answering.

His loss continues to affect him in ways that I am certain only I can see.”

She tilted her head to the left and nodded; he didn’t need to explain any further, she already knew exactly what he meant; she saw just such a look in Spock’s eyes from time to time.

I hope you gave him my regards.”

Yes, of course. He asked after you most particularly.”

Did he?” she asked in surprise, knowing that Sarek rarely acknowledged her, if ever.

She gently stroked Spock’s cheek with the back of her fingers.

I hope you told him that I am doing my level best to keep his son extremely happy.”

He said that, in appearance, I seemed very well.”

Well, I guess that means my work here is done,” she teased, playfully, making a move to leave his bed. He caught her arm.


His solemn tone compelled her to turn. “Yes.”

This evening, I wish to speak with you on a serious matter.”

Oh,” she said, knowing that his speaking to his father and speaking to her so seriously soon after could not be good. She felt her pulse quicken.


She was agitated.

He still wants you to leave the Enterprise, doesn’t he? He wants you to join him on Haven.”


Does he?”

Nyota, surely you know by now that my life is here on the Enterprise—with you.”

Well, what then,” she asked, “What do you want to talk about tonight?”

Some sort of switch seemed to go off in his head and Nyota immediately knew that it was time for him to assume the mantle of his Vulcanism. He stood.

It is now 0509 hours. I must leave you now if I am to meet with Mr. Scott at 0515 hours. Will you be able to meet me in your quarters at 18:00 hours this evening?”

Yes, of course,” she said, reaching up to touch is sleeve. “Have a good day. See you at lunch?”

He nodded crisply, moved toward the door, and was gone, leaving Nyota to wonder what was going to happen at 18:01.


10 thoughts on “Heart’s Guardian – Chapter 4

  1. Uh oh. My overactive imagination has created a bunch of scenarios for what will happen at 1801 hours when Nyota meets Spock again and all of them are bad. Thanks to the blankie-snatching, mud-dripping, then set-it-on-fire brand of genius behind this tale, I’m reading from behind my fingers. Even though, I’m terrified (and rightly so), the writing is excellent and I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the next post.

    • Thanks for reading. However, (*clearing throat loudly*) I was under the impression that YOU have 30,000 or so words due on your own story. You don’t have time, Miss Procrastinator, to be over here reading this story – it will keep. But anyway, I do appreciate the kind words, as always! 🙂

  2. …and so the angst begins? I know you promised that angst would ensue soon – but my romantic side really kicked in for this chapter. I’m hoping that what he has to tell her is something good. I didn’t necessarily get a sense of dread from his declaration to speak with her at a later time (but again that may be just my pesky romantic side kicking in), or his evasiveness to her inquiries. Especially when he said this:

    “Yes, of course. He asked after you most particularly.”

    I’m hoping Spock wants to declare a lasting promise to Nyota, and Sarek’s inquiries concerning Nyota are favorable. I’m a sucker for angst as well; so either way it goes – I know it will be good! 🙂 Your writing is just too entertaining and fun! Love it!

    Thank you for the quick update!

    • Well, at this point, I feel as though I can not (and should not) say anything more. I have already said WAYYY too much and you are, shall we say, perilously close to the truth.

      After I post the next chapter, you all will begin to understand where this story is headed. And in the words of Forest Gump, that’s all I got to say about that.

      As always, thanks so much for reading and commenting; it means a great deal!!

  3. Eeks! Didn’t Spock pick up on her feelings of agitation?? Why can’t he at least give her the “agenda” subject for tonight? Grrrr…. men! I do hope Sarek will continue to recover, although if his time of Pon Farr is approaching, he may need to hustle to find a new bondmate. I cannot remember what happened to Sybok in this story — this isn’t the story where Sybok mind-raped Amanda, right? I cannot keep stories straight! Thank you for the new chapter!

    • There has never been any mention of Sybok by name in any of my stories (other than a mild, off-handed allusion to him in my story: “Brief Encounter”) You are thinking of Candace’s story, Pride and Logic.

      As I said to Josie above, the next chapter will pave the way to understanding. I will not keep you all in suspense much longer. Thanks for reading. I hope you are enjoying it, angst and all.

  4. I’ts great to see an update to this story! I hate it when a man says “we have to talk….later”. My stomach is always left in knots afterward. I hope Spock is not going to break Nyota’s heart, but we will see!

    • I am sooo tempted to tell you what happens later… and later…. and later. But, I will valiantly hold off and let you see the developments yourself. Thanks for reading! Hope you will continue to after the next few chaptesr.

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