Apparently, November 19th is my lucky day!

This is an excerpt taken from my monthly horoscope over at AstrologyZone.

Professionally, something magical and very exciting may culminate in your career within days of the full moon, November 21 plus or minus five days. This is the best full moon of the year, and when you hear about your career victory, you will want to tell everyone you know. With the full moon at the top of your chart, many people in your industry (and possibly beyond that) will become aware of the honors being given to you now. This full moon November 21 is reward time, dear Leo!

There seems to be a sum of money that will come to you at the full moon November 21, too, making this a double-decker development, and one of your big moments of the year. The money may come in the form of a commission or bonus, licensing fee, or advance, and seems to be tied to the performance or popularity of the project you created. If you are interviewing for a job that pays salary, not commission, you will nevertheless conclude talks now (within four days of November 21) and be able to negotiate excellent benefits.

Thinking about finances, three days this month will be standouts. The first is November 4, when Mercury and Jupiter combine energies. This is a good day to make a sale or to discuss salary matters. The second important date for you, and this one gets a gold star, is November 15 when the Sun, your ruler, will signal good fortune Jupiter. This is a great day to meet with venture capitalists or your banker. The most important day of the month comes November 19, when the Sun signals Uranus, planet of surprises (this time happy ones for you), and again the subject will likely be money. November 15 and 19 are your best days this month.

November 19 is important for another reason. Jupiter has been retrograde and therefore weak since July 23, but will finally turn direct. Watch what happens in the days that surround November 18, the date Jupiter AND Venus (both) will go direct. You are likely to hear good news. I say make your actions on November 19, as I like to add a day beyond the day these planets change direction. If you feel you can’t seem to crystallize a deal no matter what you do, you will be able to do so after Jupiter is working at top speed.

Actually, if you have to sign a contract or launch a new project, product, or service, do so on November 19, not before. If you “give birth” to an endeavor while Jupiter and Venus is retrograde, the profit that develops will never be as good as it could have been if you launched while these two planets were moving direct and giving you their full support. Because November 19 falls so close to a very positive full moon, I don’t feel you will have any problems asking your proposed partners to wait for November 19.


So, I guess you want to know what happened to me today.  Well, I got offered a new job (contingent upon passing the drug test, of course… *eye roll*… as in: no worries)

But, the absolute best part, I have been offered a huge increase in salary.  Unheard of in these tough economic times.  This is a happy day for me because, as a single parent, with only my income to rely on, it has been a struggle at times.  Home ownership was NEVER in my sights… or, I should I say, “decent” home ownwership was never in my sights.  Oh, I could have bought a hovel beside the railroad tracks.  But now I can finally think about that house with a yard.  If you see all the gardening books I have collected over the years you would understand what having a garden means to me.

I am soooo happy right now because something has finally gone my way.


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    • Thanks! And you know what else, I might finally be able to plan a trip where I don”t have to make sacrifices in other areas. I am determined to get to Iceland… STILL!!!!

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