I must now take a moment to show Dwayne some love

I have seriously neglected my one true love in recent months (my bad) but now that he has a new film coming out, there’s no better time than now to rekindle the romance.

I’m just a little worried about this film and/or career direction of his, though.

First, the filmmakers were setting him up to be the next big action star (ala Arnold), but the great Terminator type roles just weren’t there for him.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed The Scorpion King just as much as any fangirl, but admittedly, it was perilously close to Cheese Island.

Then, he started to make these “kid” movies (which I REFUSED to see) and now he’s back to action star.  OK, so it’s a violent action star… I’d personally prefer more ‘heroic’ type roles (um, Johnny Quest, anyone) to shooting people in the head, but what do I know?

I do know one thing FOR. SURE. Dwayne NEEDS to be in a romantic comedy.  I just don’t understand why Hollywood can”t see this like I can see this.  That Queen Latifah film, Just Wright (the one that I whined about a few months ago)… the male lead,  played by the actor, Common, would have been a perfect vehicle for Dwayne.

Why am I not a casting director?


2 thoughts on “I must now take a moment to show Dwayne some love

    • I will say that he does have excellent comic timing, but no one wants to lust after him in a kids movie: Just wrong on so many levels.

      Also, I can totally see him as a comic book superhero ala X-Men (not like Doom… or was that just a video game?) I have got to think up a screenplay I can write!

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