Watching that show. You know, the one like “Upstairs-Downstairs”

I will leave it at that.  The less said the better.

I will admit that it is a pretty good show, but not all together original.  I swear, the episode I watched last night was lifted almost entirely from Mrs.  Miniver.

You know, Mrs. Miniver.

The film… with Greer Garson… who played Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice (1940)

Yes, I thought that would get your attention.

Well anyway… the dowager countess enters her roses in the yearly flower show… which she wins every year…. when everyone knows that one of the older gentlemen from the village is the real winner.  But the trophy (the “X” cup) bares the family name.  Eventually, someone, an outsider, calls the old lady on it.  And when the old lady goes to announce the winner, instead of announcing her own name (which is written down on the sheet of paper before her) she has a crisis of conscience and announces the old gentleman as the winner instead.

Now tell me, that scene was from:  Mrs. Miniver or that television show like Upstairs-Downstairs?  Yeah, I thought so, can’t tell the difference can you?

That’s because there is no difference!


(Steps off soap box)