Full Circle – Chapter 5 (The conclusion – part 2 of 2) the “beginning” of the end version

Author’s note: Sorry, but the edits are going really slowly.  I’ll tack on the rest of the chapter as soon as I get the edits done.


Nyota hurried through the doors of Archer Hall, and stood before the sensor to summon the turbolift. Jenusia was most likely waiting for her above and she hoped that whatever it was that her friend wanted to discuss could be resolved as quickly as possible; she wanted nothing more than to return to Spock in the lab.

When the turbolift hadn’t arrived after two minutes, she waved her hand impatiently over the sensor again, but the lift would not come. Having no patience for standing still, she headed for the stairwell. Upon reaching her floor she paused on the landing, thinking that she heard loud voices. She listened for a moment and could have sworn she heard the loud and repeated chanting of: “Fight! Fight!”

She enter the corridor, rounded the corner and, to her complete astonishment saw a crowd of at least twenty or so cadets trying to get through the door into her dorm room.

Rushing forward and reaching out to grab a shoulder to make that person move, she found that Cadet-Doctor Leonard McCoy was the owner of that particular shoulder. Caught, he blushed guiltily and looked down at the floor before he jabbed a thumb in the direction of the crowd.

Um…you’d better get in there, Uhura, it doesn’t sound good.”

Panicked, she struggled to get the words out. “Wha-wha—What’s going on?”

Those sweet little ladylike friends of yours, Gaila and Jenusia, are going at each other pretty good.”

What? And you didn’t try to stop them?”

He turned up both palms. “I’m a doctor, not a referee!”

Aggravated with McCoy, she pushed past him and through the sea of cadets in her path.

Out of my way, out of my way! Don’t you have something better to do?” she yelled.

Once in her room she found at least fifteen to twenty additional cadets standing around the perimeter of the room. She pushed through that crowd and stopped immediately in absolute shock at the sight of what was happening at her feet.

I am going to kill you!” screamed Jenusia, as she rolled around on the floor with Gaila, with her hands tugging at fists full of red hair. “This will teach you to keep your green hands to yourself and off of my husband.”

Ohmygawd!” cried Nyota, not believing her ears. “Husband? When did this– Ohmygawd!”

I said, I didn’t know he was your husband!” Gaila screamed as she flailed about trying to break free. “Let me go!”

Nyota saw that Jenusia wasn’t giving up so easily and she could only think of one thing to do. Bending over, she reached for Jenusia’s hands, trying to pry them away from Gaila’s hair, only to come up against the obstacle of another set of hands doing the very same thing.

She looked up and thought she saw a naked—she blinked–a nearly naked Selkek on the opposite side of the battling women trying to break up the fight himself.

Ohmygawd,” Nyota shrieked as she caught a glimpse of Selkek’s thin white undergarment. Her brain, now completely addled from not wanting to even think of what had possibly happened in her room, could only shriek again. “Ohmygawd!”

However, she didn’t get an opportunity to shriek any further before she heard the distinct sound of the floor’s klaxon blaring, saw red lights flashing, and felt the thunder-like rumbling of feet scurrying off in forty different directions just before a campus security detail burst into the room.


It was exactly one hour later when Spock’s communicator beeped. His internal clock told him that it was 1:48am and most likely it was Nyota telling him that she had decided to go home to her bed.

So, when he flipped open the device and was greeted by the voice the Commander Moira Archer, the Dean of Students, he was very much perplexed.

I’m sorry to disturb you so late, Commander Spock, but there has been an incident in one of the resident halls this evening; Archer Hall to be precise.”

Spock knew very well that Nyota lived in that hall, but the strict control of his emotions prevented him from arbitrarily blurting out any particular name in the way a human might do.

How may I be of assistance?”

I understand that you were working with Cadet Nyota Uhura this evening in the lab, were you not?”


The incident of which I speak happened in her dorm room.”


Commander Spock, I would like to see you in the infirmary as soon as possible.”

Twenty-seven possible scenarios as to why the Dean wished to see him in the infirmary entered his mind, none of them positive. Before he could ask his next question, his chest involuntarily tightened.

Has Cadet Uhura been injured?”

No. No, she is unharmed.”

Spock queried again, another uneasy thought began to enter his mind.

Can you enlighten me as to the nature of your request?”

The dean mumbled something indecipherable before she responded. “I-It’s not something I believe that you would wish to have discussed over the communications system; it is a very sensitive matter.”

Her emphasis of the words “you” and “sensitive” in her previous sentence caused him to swallow suddenly. He refused to think of it as nerves.

Very well, Commander Archer,” he replied formally. “As you wish.”