My poor, semi-abandoned blog…

…I really need to post something, don’t I.

Unfortunately there is nothing interesting going on… other than Hurricane Earl.

Oh, and my horoscope said that I was getting ready to come into money and as you probably know, I am all about the money.

Loving this photo Spock Jones put up today… and no, I was  not over there reading Happiness at Least again!

Well, today.


6 thoughts on “My poor, semi-abandoned blog…

  1. Loved that pic too!

    I hope that your horoscope is accurate and that you come into a PILE of money and also that the hurricane will fizzle at landfall and not do too much damage.

    Keeping a good thought for you.


    • Bought a lottery ticket… it was not a winner. Crap! This is always my luck.. Well, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon. BTW: Earl was a flop. Not that I’m complaining – I did get a day off out of it.

  2. Oh, that’s a high-res photo…. any chance of a high-res color pic of Spock?

    Your blog is more active than mine. I have so much dreck in my life that I dare not blog for fear of depressing everyone. :=( Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel!

  3. I just read your September 17th update. You are killing me Theresa!!! Killing me!!! I saw the update with the Part 2 of 2 note and got so excited then I read the little bit you posted with the cliffhanger. Gah!! I must know how this goes down! 😀

    • Tell you what, you post the next chapter of Pride and Logic and I will post the finale of Full Circle… that is, if it’s finished. 🙂

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