Somebody has been raining on my parade

This is going to be a rant. If you are not in the mood for rantage tonight, leave off here.

So, like I work for a VERY LARGE organization that has a big-time person at the head of it. I am mentioning no names, suffice to say, one day this person was shaking a former president’s hand and the next day he was standing in my cubicle shaking my hand.

So, like I said, he was standing in my cubicle admiring the general splendor (I’m an artiste and have a lot of artistic things that I make or buy decorating my area).  Mr. Big Wig admired something in particular.  When I told him that I make them he asked if I could make him one.  Sure I said, not a problem.

At that point I asked him who he would like me to deliver it to (mind you, he always has an entourage trailing in his wake) I gestured in the general direction of one of his hangers-on.  He told me that he wanted me to contact him directly.  I made a joke basically saying, “Oh, I didn’t think that we little people were allowed to contact you directly.”  He waved it off and laughed.  So basically at this point I had his permission to deal only with him.

My department big boss had a meeting with Mr Big Wig on Tuesday evening.   The next morning my dept. boss came directly to my desk, elated, saying that Mr Big Wig loved my “handy work” and wanted me to make another one in a slightly different version. (The things I make are not hard to do and are not expensive)  Later on that same day when our department had our staff meeting to discuss my bosses meeting with Mr. Big Wig, my boss mentioned me and held up samples of what I made and everyone seemed so happy for me.

I should have known it was just too good to be true.  But wait, there’s more…

This morning I deliver Mr. Big Wigs revised item.  He sent me an email (cc-ing my boss and my boss’s boss) about fifteen minutes later, thanking me and saying how wonderful he thought it was, etc, etc.

So, I had my 15 minutes of fame this morning and thought nothing else about it… until lunch time.

My team leader (the person between me and my boss) sent me this passive-aggressive email telling me that in future I need to go through the pecking order.  In other words, she meant that I should have gone through her, to our department boss, then to my boss’s boss, who would then deliver my items to Mr. Big Wig.

She must have thought I fell off the turnip truck just yesterday, because remember, I asked Mr. Big Wig how he wanted the delivery handled and he TOLD me to come directly to him.

I emailed her back, spelling out the entire conversation for her, letting her know that I DID do the right thing.  When I initally wrote the email, I think I was channeling Darcy a bit, getting all huffy and offended.  But cooler heads prevailed and I toned down the email quite a bit.

I just don’t see how I could have handled this any differently.  I thought I did the right thing.  I have been thinking about this all day.  Those of you who work in large places know very well that these small work-place victories can mean so much to us underlings.  To go from one minute with just a little recognion to the next being happy to have my work acknowledged… well, you know what I mean.

All this has made me feel rotten.  I called my aunt after lunch and explained it to her just to see if she thought I did something wrong.  She said that I didn’t.  And I really don’t think what I did was all that bad either.  I can only narrow it down to jealousy, perhaps.  But why be jealous of me?  I have one tiny moment in the sun and people who spend “all day in the sun” get jealous of me?

<end of rant>


19 thoughts on “Somebody has been raining on my parade

    • Thanks! Sometimes you know you are doing the right thing, you just need another’s opinion to make sure you aren’t going crazy.

  1. Don’t worry, your team leader has had their nose put out of joint because your obvious talent has been quite rightly recognised above hers. You’re right, it smacks of jealousy.
    Anyway, yay for you!!!

    • That’s the first thing I thought. The email was so full of passive aggressiveness. It started out as complimentary, but then the second paragraph… BAM! Right in my face.

  2. Well, go on with your bad self! You have a wonderful talent that was recognized and wanted by a top official. Do your happy dance, and ignore the misery loves company folks! Give the person that gave you grief one of those ZQSpock “Live Long and Prosper” lines , and keep it moving! Never let jealous banter ruin such a great personal moment. Because believe me; for as long as you’ve been upset about it — I can guarantee you that person isn’t even thinking about it…..

    …mission accomplished of ruining your moment as well as your day!

    Please don’t put anymore energy into it! And congratulations on your moment to shine!

    • I won’t put anymore into to it. New week/new day. It’s funny, the entire division has a meeting with Mr. Big Wig in the morning. I’m curious to see how it goes. I’m going to get there early and hold my head up high. The best thing out of all this is that now he actually knows my name.

    • I know, right. And I never give her reason to find anything wrong with me or my wor, ever. It’s her insecurity. I refuse to deal with it again. Thanks!!

  3. Get it out of your system by writing a little story about it, giving your boss a comeuppance or an epiphany; a Hunsford, if you will 😉 . Even if nobody else reads it, you will have created something decent out of this little bit of petty ugliness. Heck, you might even get a really good story out of it since jealousy is such a universal theme, and the best revenge really is living well.

    • Well, I do NEED to write… something. 😉 Thanks for your kind words. I’m going to just think that only positive things will now come out of this for me. Look at dear Jane; she didn’t let the haters keep her down.

  4. I agree with Kent’s advice. Immortalize the evil, jealous harpy in print. And no, you aren’t overreacting. Your boss is a jerk and you might even want to start a little impromptu journal of all such incidents. I say this because normally at big companies, harassment and intimidation are frowned upon by human resources.

    • Thanks P. I really do need to start keeping track of the good and the bad. When it’s time for my evaluation I will need to have all of my duckettes in a row. It’s just a bummer to be so singled out when you just know your intentions are nothing but good. I will prevail!

    • I keep wondering if this is a gender thing. I used to have a male team leader and then they switched me several months ago. When I was under the guy, he never seemed to give rat’s butt what I did; now that I have a female team leader, it’s all about keeping her in the loop. Hmmm?

  5. She’s a twit. In my own work experience, while there are some very nice female bosses, I find that it’s female bosses who can get their pantiest in a twist over minor stuff like this. Male bosses don’t care as much. Jealousy and insecurity, that’s all she’s revealing; very Lady Catherine and Caroline Bingley of her, to try to “put you in your place”. Start praying for a new boss — perhaps she can get transferred and you get a new boss.

    • It has always been one of my rules never to work for a female. I know that sounds mightily disloyal of me, but you are correct June, woman tend to get far too emotional about nothing. It’s funny, when I was team leader at a previous job, all the woman loved me, the men… not so much.

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