Apparently I write like Jane Austen… I even have proof!

I write like
Jane Austen

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Hey, and no cracks about finishing For the Love of Jane!


8 thoughts on “Apparently I write like Jane Austen… I even have proof!

    • I got Kurt, too the second time I tried it with my story a Brief Encounter. I haven’t read him since high school and I didn’t like him then and I don’t believe I have retained any influences.

  1. I’ve recently been nagged about finishing two outstanding JAFF WIPs, so please allow me to tell you that you will not get off so easily; ergo:

    Hey, how about finishing “For the Love of Jane”, huh? 😛

  2. Oh, and I used that analyzer twice. I submitted part of a JAFF story of mine called “Loose Lips” and got “I write like Jane Austen”; then I submitted part of a non-JAFF novel I’m writing and got “I write like William Gibson”!

    So I guess I write like a chameleon.

    • I’m beginning to think that it looks for certain words – not necessarily the style. A couple of people got Jane Austen by submitting their JA fan fics.

      • I tried submitting chapters OF Jane Austen, and I think the first time I tried it, it did come up with Jane Austen, but it didn’t score very high and I was amused. The next chapters I tried scored higher.

        Hey, how about finishing that story you were writing? I’ve forgotten the name now, it’s been so long… 😉

      • Yeah, it seems to be vocabulary based. My King Arthur story turned up that I write like William Shakespeare, and my vampire story said I write like Bram Stoker. I’m fairly certain that I don’t write like Shakespeare, and I’ve never even read Stoker’s Dracula.

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