Full Circle: Part 5 the conclusion (the tease)

Just to whet your whistle… and convince you that yes,  I am, indeed going to finish it.

Chapter 5

“Well are you coming in or not?” Gaila asked while standing in the doorway to her dorm room, beckoning Selkek toward her with her fingers. Her previously bemused half-smile was now blossoming into something decidedly wicked and not all together nice.

Selkek glanced over the Orion’s shoulder, his eyes sweeping the room for signs of his friend.

“Is Nyota not here? If not, I will seek her out another time. I must go.”

Gaila already knew that Nyota would be in the long-range sensor lab for most of the night. She saw this as her opportunity to finally have her turn and she was going to take it, reluctant Vulcan or not.

“But Selkek, you can’t leave, not yet; just look at the state of you; you’re positively soaked to the skin.”

Selkek ran a hand over his forehead, sweeping his wet bangs off of his forehead before clasping his hands behind his back.

“It is of no consequence.”

She grinned. “But for a Vulcan, you must be extremely cold and uncomfortable in those wet things. Why don’t you come in… come in and let me help you dry off. I’ll be quick, I promise. Besides,” she added, rolling he eyes, “you might as well submit to the logic of it all.”

Selkek, even though he knew he was not thinking clearly about a lot of things at that moment, did see the sense of drying his clothes and getting warm again.

Opening the door a little wider, Gaila slowly stepped backwards away from the door. And she had never been so pleased with her powers of persuasion when she watched Selkek take that first small, tentative step forward.

“I do not wish to be an inconvenience.”

“Hush,” she said coquettishly, batting her eyelashes and smiling as demurely as possible. “Don’t give it a moment’s thought; I am happy to be of assistance.”

Selkek took another step in and waited. Gaila reached around him and tapped the emergency door closure panel with a definite thud.


“You have made a mistake in the frequencies column.”

Nyota looked up from her communicator. Jenusia had just sent her a strange, cryptic message:

Imperative that I see you. Where are you?


Spock stood up from the console and brought the computer tablet over. Sitting in the chair next to her he set it down before her and pointed out her error.

“Here, you did not carry the two.”


She took up the tablet and a stylus and began to recalculate, only to abandon the task seconds later to tap out a message back to Jenusia.

In long-range sensor lab with “S”.

Jenusia immediately messaged back: . MUST see you NOW! Meet me out front in 5. Don’t bring the Vulcan.


8 thoughts on “Full Circle: Part 5 the conclusion (the tease)

  1. Oh, no…… the conclusion in just one post? Promise to not cause permanent damage to Selkek? I suspect Spock could help, but…. fingers are crossed!

  2. Sorry to be so late commenting, dearest, but I’m still frightened for Selkek. Hopefully he’ll thwart any serious seduction attempt by Gaila, who should grow up and stop thinking she gets a “turn” with anyone. I hope you can post the conclusion soon.

    Your writing leaves me breathless. In the best sense (to paraphrase Col. Brandon).

    • Breathless, eh? Breathless is exasperation, more like. 🙂 I’ll get my act together shortly. Just so busy with 50 other things.

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