So, now that I have TWO laptops…

I have designated the new one as the “writing” laptop (such an excellent tactile keyboard) and the old one (running XP with all my old-school “artiste”  software and with the upgraded “True-Life monitor) is now the the design laptop.  Plus, the keyboard never fully recovered from the soup I spilled in it last year — “…the space bar, Louisa!”

Guess which one I have been using more of?

Hello, the new one!

Although, I have been designing a custom subway print over the last few days for a person who seems to believe that graphic artists ought to be paid on the same level as teenagers flipping burgers… but I digress…

I have been writing up a storm.  The only thing, it’s ALL Heart’s Guardian and not Full Circle.  I have lost Selkek’s voice  somewhere in the shuffle of not having a computer to work on for days (you should see the 10o0 piece puzzle I was working in the interim… yes, I am boring).

Office Depot (rocks) was able to bring the old Dell back from the dead.  (plus they just so happened to be running a computer repair special last week… $108… Hello, bargain!  My co-worker gave Geek Squad $300 for the exact same repair; Hello, rip-off!) I just had to reload (and reload, and download and upload and reload EVERYTHING) and only after that was I able to bring all of my files over from my online backup (SugarSync… rocks!)

So, no writing lost.  Plus, now that I have two computers I can transfer files back and forth just by sliding a document into my “Magic Briefcase” (a file that sits on both computers that are in real-time sync)  Amazing!