So, what happened to your computer, I hear you ask, and why are you blaming it all on McAfee?

McAfee released a SuperDat recently that screwed up alot of people’s computers.  It removed a critical Windows file from computers that it mistakenly identified as a Virus.   So, in the meantime, my McAfee stopped working (which, I did not, at first, realize).  I wasn’t able to get consistant Internet connectivity (no wireless at all – but sometimes I could get on with a LAN line (sometimes).  Came to find out that this was the first sign that a Trojan got on my system.

At work, I read all the McAfee forums and heard about others experiences and read McAfee’s support pages to figure out what to do.  Eventually I did get connected to the Internet and loaded the new SuperDat, but the damage was already dome.  The Trojan had already affected my Windows funtionality and completely crippled my ability to get online.

Intalled the XP reinstallation CD, but can not “reactivate” it because Micosoft (pure evil) requires you to activate XP online… which I can not do because The Trojan that McFee “let” slip by messed everything up.

So, in other words: LOSE-LOSE!

To sum it all up for you:

Microsoft: Fail!

McAfee: FAIL!  FAIL!


4 thoughts on “So, what happened to your computer, I hear you ask, and why are you blaming it all on McAfee?

    • Ouch! I’ll probably eventually go that route as well. There are just some things that only XP can do and my new machine is coming with Win7. Half of my software will not work with it, I am sure. I’ll probably spend half the night seeing which software will take and which will not.

      The best thig I did though, and I’m so happy I did was sign up for SugarSync. This way I haven’t lost anything, All my writing (finished and unfinished and half-baked ideas) is backed up on their servers. A LIFESAVER times ten!!

  1. I escaped the McAfee disaster, but Comcast switched its customers to Norton, which makes things slooooooow as frozen molasses. Sigh.

    Does SugarSync backup your files automatically or manually?

    • Norton recently had an issue, too – so no Norton for me. I have heard nothing but good things about Avast, so I think I am going with them (even thought my new laptop come with 15 months free McAfee.

      SugarSync works in the background: you save, it saves; you delete it deletes (but it saves your deletions to your Sugar Sync account trash can just in case). Plus, you can tell it exactly what to save. i.e it only backs up my C drive “my documents” not every file on my computer. And I don’t let it back up my iTunes (which would probably require an enterprise type account with all the files I have) Luckly, I put my iTunes on an external drive, plus my iPod holds everything, as well.

      If you decide to go with SugarSync, please use my referral link in this post. Thanks!

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