New blog rule!

No one is allowed to ever mention LOST on this blog ever again.

LOST:  Now dead to me!


10 thoughts on “New blog rule!

  1. *hugs* I never watched the show, but I read about the finale. Unbelievably similar to the Ashes to Ashes finale that aired only two days earlier in the UK. And too similar to the ending of Sixth Sense movie. And similar to the ending of The Others, a 2001 movie with Nicole Kidman. So I wonder at why some folks actually like the Lost ending, and really wonder if the Lost people planned this ending from the start or if it was the best ending they could come up with.

    • Definitely a lack of originality! Perhaps they thought they were being clever. I read somewhere that JJ came up with this ending from the beginning?!?! Then why all the drama and polar bears and entering the numbers in the computer and all the flashbacks? The ending was just plain silly and weak!

  2. Fine with me, as like June, we may be the only 2 people in the western world not to have seen an episode!

    • Apparently you didn’t miss anything! Smart woman!!

      It’s funny, I bought a few of my favorite Lost episodes on iTunes, now I am SERIOUSLY considering deleting them on principle! What’s the point of keeping them if from here on out all I’ll ever think is: well, that plot doesn’t matter, they’re all dead anyway!

    • It does not make me hate them any less… I will NEVER forgive JJ and Bad Robot for they way it all ended. Such a waste of my time. And after all that goodwill extended to them for Star Trek. I am done!

  3. Well, I’ve only seen parts of a few episodes. It was all too convoluted and crazy cakes for me to follow. I mean, the smoke monster? I read about the finale. I can see why fans would be a bit peeved about it all.

    • Yes, you pretty much had to see it from the beginning. It’s they same way with #24… I kept hearing about how great it was but could never just jump in. A lot of these shows need to go back to the old way of doing things where every episode stands on it’s own al la Star Trek or Bonanza.

    • Exactly. I faltered somewhere in the middle too, but quickly caught back up. But the really bad part: A lot of the last episodes were really exciting, and seemed to be building up to some huge. Yes, huge: a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

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