Busy is as busy does…

I am literally spinning five plates at once at the moment, but it is actually pretty great to be busy.

1. Creating a new print… a new color print.  It is Jane Austen inspired as well.  Since I am almost sold out of rejects (thanks everyone!), and getting ready to flip into Northanger Abbey print mode, I thought it best to get busy on something “different”.  Here’s a little sneak peek.

The ABCs of Austen

The ABCs of Austen

It still needs lots and lots of work and I need to seriously sort out these “spelling disasters” I keep running across.  I CAN spell.  I won my 1st grade class spelling bee.  My word: Rhyme… which took  me three times to type it in this post to get it correct.

2. Designing wedding invitations:  Had the HARDEST time coming up with a final design to present to my client, but she seemed really, really happy with my concept.  I’ll show it to you all soon as they are printed.

3. The battery on the Dell just up and died last week.  I’m not going  to tell you how much it cost to replace as I can not think of the figure without gagging.  The computer would not turn itself off because it thought it needed to stay on to charge. Told “someone” about it last week and had to sit there and listen to myself being criticized.  Was “told” that I should just get a new computer… but not just any computer: a netbook.  (Yeah, thanks for “manplaining” that to me, btw).  I had to school “this person” once and for all because a lot of people just don’t seem to understand that just because every computer company in America sells “netbooks” for $300, a $300 “netbook” is useless to a graphic designer.  USELESS! It’s like creating a fully functional web page on a 1990’s era Samsung phone…. and, hello, you CAN NOT load a desktop publishing platform on a computer that runs on a Celeron processor or similar!  < / rant>

4. Happy to inform you that I have been writing.  I WILL have the next part of Full Circle up no later than Monday morning.  I will, I tell you!  I am making myself that promise.  However, if you “look” around a bit you just might find a little something extra that I left as a  surprise for you.  Not saying any more than that.  Happy hunting.

5. Having a minor health crisis, which has actually been going on for a while now.  I think it all started back in the fall after I went to FallingWater.  My doctor sent me to a specialist a few weeks ago and the specialist is not exactly inspiring my confidence in him.  After three weeks I still don’t have a proper diagnosis, but I do have a really spectacular pile of medical bills.  I really believe that doctors are in cahoots with these so called “diagnostic centers” – I am on my third different one… not to mention the diagnostic tests that I had to take at the hospital.. and not the test I absolutely REFUSED to take  when I found out the my payment portion AFTER the insurance paid up would be $800.  Here! Let me just pull that money out of a certain body part for ya!


2 thoughts on “Busy is as busy does…

  1. Yay for new color print! I have wall space reserved.

    Sorry to hear about your health issues. The insurance mess sounds dreadful. Do you have a maximum out-of-pocket for the year? *hugs*

    • Yes, I have a maximum, but I haven’t reached it yet. Hopefully this crap will be over after the end of this week.

      BTW: Up early (it’s currently 6: 24 am) trying to put the finishing touches on Full Circle. Um… I don’t think I’ll make my self-imposed deadline. Now, if I could only take my laptop to work… (grumble)

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