What the…?

Just casually strolling through Restoration Hardware yesterday afternoon, pretending that I had money to spend…

I think I need to raise my prices!


6 thoughts on “What the…?

  1. Jeepers! That is a fortune, and not as interesting as an Miss T Austen Original. Did you take that pic with your secret squirrel spy camera?

    • *snort* Just whipped out my abnormally large Canon. Fortunately, I was not accosted and wrestled to the floor by the snooty RH staff. 😀

  2. ?!?!?!?!?! For that price, you should get an autograph and dinner with the artiste, and someone hangs this up in your home.

    • It’s funny, but the “real” ones are of a comparable price. I wonder what RH is playing at. They can keep printing and printing and pocketing the profits… there are only a finite quantity of original prints that can’t be recreated and therefore the price for those are somewhat justified.

      And another thing, RH is printing them on simulated canvas, i.e. paper. Get real! The only thing I can think it is, is the frame. Framing is outrageously expensive. That’s why I purposely made mine with the “off the rack” frame in mind.

      • I agree that framing is outrageous. At Michael’s, I also asked about getting a higher grade of glass — anti-glare, or UV ray protection, whatever they call it.. The price was EXORBITANT!

      • This time last year I had something framed at Michael’s while they ran a 50% off special. It was still nearly $200. As for glass, sometimes (depending on the store) you can get a better deal at an Auto Glass place. Think about it: windshield glass is way cheaper than framing glass and most of the time you can get the UV protection in it already. An auto glass place near my house cuts all kinds of glass for people: dining table glass, coffee table… houseware stores charge a forture for that glass, too!!

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