Full Circle – Part 3 of 3 (the tease)

I feel like torturing Full Circle readers slightly.  Part 4, 3 of 3 is and has been more or less finished since February.  But then I got caught up in other things, and started selling stuff and my health has been off, so I haven’t had time to apply myself.

However, just to whet your whistle and to get you prepared for Full Circle’s return, I want to give you a little taste of what to expect next.

When last we met, Selkek and Jenusia were on the way to the Troyan Embassy to have dinner with Jenusia’s parents….

If  humans were considered one extreme on the emotional scale and Vulcans on the other, then Troyans sat at the absolute middle.

Jenu, daughter of Sia received no kisses or hugs or other signs of outward affection upon reuniting with her family.  In the Troyan tradition, a female was not even allowed to speak until given permission to, so she simply knelt before her father, lowered her head, and waited.

The Troyan custom of favor was always bestowed by the laying of both hands upon the top of the head.  Jenusia received only one hand from her father, and it was a perfunctory tap at best before he turned his back upon her and took the three steps up to the top of the raised dias.

Jenusia had told Selkek all along how her father adored and spoiled her.  Now Selkek glanced to his right and watched helplessly as a silent Jenusia stiffened and her eyes brightened with unshed tears.  Clearly this was not the sort of welcome she generally received from that gentleman.  Selkek took the gesture to mean that she was now out of her father’s favor and she was out of his favor because of him.


More to follow.  I have a design due to a client tomorrow and then I am going to “try” to make time for writing again and the first priority is to finish Full Circle chapter 4 and the final Chapter 5.


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  1. Ouch! Poor Selkek and Jenu. I hope Jenu remembers she is a Starfleet officer in training, and she stands up for what she wants. Fingers crossed that Selkek can help Jenusia figure out what it is she wants. Thanks for the preview!

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