In Between Logic and Longing: Part 3

Authors note: OK, so all my stories are slow in coming these days.  My bad.  I just don’t have the same time that I had before to work on them due to the personal electronic device ban at work.  I am considering changing my working hours (even possibly changing jobs) to have some semblance of a life again to have time to write, so patience, my lovelies.

Now, as for this story, Spock finally makes his appearance.  I know you all think (or thought) it was going to be a Uhura/Gaila story, but I assure you it is not.  It definitely smells of Spuhura as you will see for yourself very shorty.

Sometimes when I write (who am I kidding, most times when I write) my thoughts come to me so rapidly that I have to put them all down before I forget them.  This was just such a chapter.  Unfortunately, after working on it ALL DAY I still could put it into in kind of order, so some areas will appear rather wordy and rambley.

I know, I know I should just set it aside and let it stew for a few days, but I have delayed this story too long already and I really  just want to get it’s “heaviness” off my chest.” So please, forgive all it’s faults.  I do reserve the right to go back a patch it up as the spirit moves me, but these days, with no time to write, the spirit will probably not “move me” anytime soon.

Enjoy… or not.

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Why I haven’t been writing… and I have a good excuse this time!

If you have been following my disgruntled tweets, then you already know:  They have banned personal electronic devices from my office.

So, that means: no cell phone, no iPod, no digital photo frames, and the hardest, NO LAPTOP!

I do my best writing during the middle of the day, the point of the day that I’m actually wide awake, and just before the after lunch crash.  Now, I have to rearrange my entire writing life.  We shall see how this affects me in the grand scheme of things very soon.


ETA: In Between Logic and Longing is going up next.  I’m bouncing back and forth between all my stories, but that one has the most “ready” next chapter.  Yes, FTLOJ’s & Full Circle’s next chapters may be longer and more complete, but they’re not ready to be seen by anyone… unless you want to laugh at the horrible grammar and spelling.