I have no time to write, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend…

I want more of these stories, NOW!!!

Life and Weather!  Such a great, great unfinished story.  The author has really thought out her plotting!!  If anyone knows this writer, please let her know that she has people waiting patiently.

Insights: Just so good and I am so in to it!  I know the author is super busy so I will sit still.  If you haven’t started reading it (and I can’t imagine who has not) run on over to have a look.

Please feel free to add your own recs to the comments! I’ll add more to this post when time permits. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I have no time to write, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend…

  1. These are both excellent and I have been following and reviewing on ff.net. I see that the author of “Weather” has posted a “sorry-I’m mega busy” message in the reviews just a few days ago saying she hopes to do more soon.

  2. you dont know me, as I’ve just started stalking…I mean, lurking your fanfics, but I recommend jncar’s human relationships (I think that’s what it’s called. but it’s something along those lines), and startrekwriter’s Descartes’ error. Both of those fics are out of this world awesome and write the characters so well, that I had believed they were clones of jj abrams and gene roddenberry. Both fanfics can be found on ff.net of course!

    • I have read all of jncars work over at her website. (Awesome writer!!!) I regret that I have not yet read D.E. Everyone has recommended it. One day, when I have the time to devote my entire day to it I will definitely read it.

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