We pause in this Jane Austen blog to make a Star Trek post


Do all my Star Trek buddies think that I have abandoned them?

It’s called irony.


See, I can do both: write about Jane Austen & Star Trek!

Well, actually I can’t.

Deal. 🙂

Anyway, I was watching this episode the other day and I took this screenshot:

Nimoy as Spock looking a lot like Quinto as Spock

I can not, at the moment, recall the episode as my mind is currently switched off of ST and over to Austen.  If this were last week I could tell you instantly which one it was, but now I can’t; so, sorry.

Anyway… doesn’t “The Nimoy”  look very “Quintoesque” here?

Or is it only me?

People said there was a resemblance, but I never really saw that much of one (they got Quinto’s eyebrows wrong!)

So, there; that was my Star Trek post for the week.  I will now go back to ignoring you. 😉

Oh wait, I’ve got four Star Trek stories to finish, don’t I?


ETA: Exhibit A – the eyebrows…

BTW:  Tomorrow is Leonard Nimoy’s Birthday!  I’m taking cake to work to celebrate!!!


8 thoughts on “We pause in this Jane Austen blog to make a Star Trek post

    • Perhaps I’m being overly picky, but the Nimoy’s “Spockbrows” has a very gentle and elegant curve to them. They made Quinto’s a little too ram-rod straight and full! I still love him regardless; both actually!

  1. I think there is a difference between the eyebrows because Quinto has some very thick, dark, and luscious hair; and his eyebrows are no exception. The makeup artist would have had to compensate for that since shaving his eyebrows would have no doubt produced a dark “shadow” against his pale complexion. Nimoy’s hair isn’t as thick or dark; so he can get away with a more thinner up-swept look. But really; I don’t see that much difference in their eyebrows. Quinto’s is just “thicker” (to match his hair).

    Also, they look alike only fleetingly to me. I have been watching Star Trek for yearrrrrrsss, and I don’t mind saying that I find Quinto very attractive, and Leonard not so much. But both of them have a great look to play the character though.

    • Well, in the DVD extra features, they show the Quinto actually plucking his eyebrows a bit after the makeup person has had his go. But in TOS, all the Vulcan eyebrows curved upwards slightly. BTW: Leonard is hot!

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