Well, my “store” is up: Something is bound to go wrong

I just know I’ve forgotten something.

I am terrified of angry customers.

All contingencies have been considered… I think.

I am just going to step out on faith and trust that my customers forgive any errors and/or lapses in judgment.

Why do the faces of Miss Matty and Miss Jamieson in the tea shop keep appearing before me?

My shop is OPEN.

Do you hear my teeth chattering?

ETA:  So far it’s “KENELWORTH” by a head.  People just seem to like that “quaint” Jane Austen spelling  Sorry, K. 😀


2 thoughts on “Well, my “store” is up: Something is bound to go wrong

    • OMG! Thanks! You are an utter lamb! WOW! OK, now that I got the shopping side down, hope I don’t mess up the shipping part. 🙂 Smooches!

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