Pride and Prejudice, subways, and market research

Don’t faint, but I going to talk about Pride & Prejudice for a moment.

(Sorry, Trek buddies, but I need to leave you out of this discussion… but you’ve had all of my attention for nearly a year now…OMG!  Has it REALLY been a YEAR?)

Anyway, back to my Austen mates… (remember, this is for market research)

I don’t want to talk about P&P, the book, but the realm of things connected to the events in the P&P, the story, that might be of interest to you as an Austen consumer.

I know that a lot of you liked the t-shirt ideas and at first I was all for making them, but the thing about t-shirts… they require a HUGE outlay of upfront cash… and I do NOT have a HUGE stash of upfront cash.

First, you have to buy the shirts, and then you have to think about the color of shirts and the cut of the shirts, then there is the entire range of sizes to consider and who you will offend by leaving out, and then there is a minimum quantity you have to purchase before the screen printer even begins to take you seriously.  So, what it boils down to, unless I have an investor with deep pockets (and no, this is NOT a post where I’m begging for an investor) the t-shirt business is currently out of my reach in both cash and sanity.

I hear you all saying: well, what about Zazzle and Cafe Press?  Those models, while good, are not the model for the type of quality of shirt that I want.  I want screen-printed shirts… a totally different animal and printing method.  I’m not saying that I will never do t-shirts, but for the time-being that idea is tabled.

Which brings me to my second point: take a look at this photo:

A nice comfortable reading nook.  A bit masculine and leathery, though.

Now, try to imagine something a bit more stylish.

This is probably more my style, but work with me here for a moment.

Now, taking all of this into consideration, think about Pride and Prejudice again, think about that first photo again, and, more specifically, think about that subway poster on the wall.

Now, take a look at this… Could you see this in your home or a friends home?

P&P "Subway" poster

I do recognize that 95% of the world does not want a subway poster on their wall.  But, I’m only looking for opinions here… an honest opinion.

ETA: I’ve printed and framed it –  take a look!

Do you think that Janeites…(no, probably NOT the hardcore Janeities)… but people like me, an *Austenite, surely they would like something like this on their wall?  Perhaps not necessarily in their living rooms, but perhaps in a home office space or “woman cave?

As for the prices.  I’m thinking about offering two versions of this poster in my Esty shop: a budget-friendly version for around $15.oo (see my subway poster post below this one to view what the $15,00 poster will look like).  The $15.00 poster will be on regular white paper.  The other offering, a higher-end version, will be around $60.00 and will be a crisp, inky-black print on heavyweight linen paper.  The difference:  the first one will be matte and second one will be gloss.

Look at it closely–do you see what it is I’m trying to convey in the “message”?  Do you “get” it?  Am I balmy?

Yes, I’m probably balmy.  🙂 Plus, please check my spelling as I had a near fatal disaster by misspelling Blenheim… which is sad considering I’ve been to Blenheim twice.

So, anyway, let me know what you think, tell me where and if I went / am going wrong.  I even want you to tell me if it stinks, yes really,  just tell me….

THANKS  a bunch, I really do appreciate it!!


*Austenite: Not altogether up on their book facts, but has read all the books (well, most of them) only once (or perhaps, twice), knows the dialog better from the films; probably has seen all the films several times.  Knows all the actors in the films. Can tell you more facts about the actors than the books.  Has never taken the “pilgrimage” to Chawton or Winchester (or similar) and nor is she/he like to.  Is up on a lot of the Jane Austen personal facts, but does not possess a scholarly turn of mind. (i.e.: Jane’s motivation for writing her clergymen as “figures of fu


24 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice, subways, and market research

  1. As an Austenite, I would buy the P&P themed subway poster. Honestly, it is more appealing to me than the NYC subway poster. I am not sure if I get the message you are trying to convey. But, I just think it is clever and cute. It is also a classy way to display my Jane Austen love to anyone who visited my apartment, much classier than my Star Trek TOS metal lunchbox proudly displayed on a bookshelf.

    • The message is basically the Lizzy/Darcy journey. The story starts out in London, but, there is a quick (i.e. “Express”) trip to Meryton to view Netherfield. Then the “locals” are engaged. From Longbourn, there is the trip into Kent… etc. People should be able to figure it out from there, I think. Thanks for you incite!

  2. Oooh! I like it. It’s a bit big for my teeny tiny house, so offering it in different sizes might work – but does that ruin your original vision for it?

    Also, thinking of practicalities – are you offering it framed or unframed? What about shipping something that massive?

    I had also wondered why it began with London, but after reading your comment above – I see what you mean.

    BTW: it’s *Kenilworth* – used to live near there.

    • Ah ha! You see, this is what I need my Austen buddies for! Kenilworth is spelled Kenelworth in my book… one of Miss Austen’s charming misspellings like “ancles” & “freindship”. This presents me with a conundrum. Do I leave it as a intentional misspelling, or do I bow to the wisdom of you, Kirsty, as a Brit who knows better than we illiterate Americans? Hmmm? Decisions, decisions… Wonder what the Chapman’s say? Anyone?

      ETA: Shipping… I was going to just offer a flat shipping rate (possibly $5.00) and ship them in a mailing tube. I still have to research that a bit… understand the distances involved, factoring in the cost of the mailing tubes, etc.

      Thanks guys, you are all giving me great stuff to think about!

    • OH yes, framing. Well, I could offer that, but that would be so expensive to ship. I mean, if people did want it and were willing to pay all that money. But that presents the problem of insurance and breakage. Hmmm?

      Look at these options:

      The one on the left is a wood frame under glass – the one on the right is plastic. And guess what, both are poster frames and both are under $20. I purposely designed the poster to fit in a standard 11.75 x 36 inch frame, that way my customers could walk into any store that carries such things (the first one is from Michael’s: $19.99 on sale for $11.99 with a removable backing with those heavy-duty rotating clamps – the second one was $7.99 from Target and has those poster edges that slide on). Naturally, I will have to do a little research as to what is considered a standard size elsewhere around the world

  3. I will take my matte poster with “Kenilworth” and have a place reserved for it at the front door. Would it be better to just mail you a check and bypass Etsy’s charges?

    • WOW! Is this actually my first sale? If you are truly serious, I will post one on to you. We can handle the business side of things through email… or you are free to wait for my Etsy shop grand opening. 🙂

      • I’ll email you when I get home. BTW: I ended up not doing Etsy. I’ve had a Paypal acct for a while now and I thought it best to give it a workout. The fees are quite reasonable actually, but we can do it your way if you still want to. 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I absolutely love love love your subway poster! Just wondering if you might be able to post to Australia too? pretty please with cherry on top! :p

    • Thanks!! Glad you like it!!

      The reason I didn’t do Austrailia shipping in my store is because I don’t know how much it is to ship to your country. Let me reaseach it a bit… It might end up being more than the poster itself, but I will let you know! If it ends up being fairly reasonable, I’ll open up more to the world. So far I only do Canada and UK. 🙂

      • Hi again!
        That would be great if you could let me know the shipping rates! Thanks so much in advance! 🙂 Will eagerly await your reply..

      • Hi Deepa,

        I looked into it, and it’s a go! I will now open up my shop to Australia! Funny thing, shipping to Australia costs almost the exact same amount as shipping to the UK. It takes a bit longer, and I have to fill out a custom’s form, but it is no problem! Thanks for your interest!!

      • Done & done! Wooooot soooo excited to receive this poster. It’s going to be a brilliant addition to my library. Thanks SO much for doing the research. I had a feeling that shipping would be similar to the UK and I’m so happy it worked out 🙂 Be expecting my payment shortly!

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