So, you want to have a trendy, urban, hipster pad?

Well, guess what you are going to need?  A trendy, urban, hipster Subway poster…

I’m going to start offering posters “similar” to these in my Esty store… because every Tom, Dick, and Harriet has a friggin’ Etsy store.

The only difference is that mine are in no way shape or form authentic and I don’t even TRY to make them look that way.  Those really expensive vintage ones (like $200… yes, really… for a very, very small one) are usually printed on a stiff canvas or similar; mine are printed on good old fashioned American paper.  I don’t even think that the paper is even archival quality (that buzz word everyone seems to flaunt in their Etsy shop).  So, you know what that means… they are going to age… and turn yellow… and in about five years they are actually going to look sorta vintage.

So sue me for being a copycat (no, please don’t) but you really can’t because these babies are not copyrighted.  Har, har!  But really folks, I need to buy that urban hipster downtown condo by any means within my power.


4 thoughts on “So, you want to have a trendy, urban, hipster pad?

  1. At first I really wanted to make myself into a blipster. I mean, my hair and a lot of my music preferences put me in that category. But upon meeting some real black hipsters, I know I am light years away from that. I can’t pull off the skinny jeans, I don’t wear Palestinian inspired scarves (or scarves of any kind) and I hate the Decemberists. So I’ll settle for being a nerdy buppie instead and keep my preference for funky eyeglasses and wearing plaid with bright colors.

      • LOL. They are a band that makes awful boring depressing music. You are probably better off for not having been subjected to their music.

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