Why I haven’t been writing… and I have a good excuse this time!

If you have been following my disgruntled tweets, then you already know:  They have banned personal electronic devices from my office.

So, that means: no cell phone, no iPod, no digital photo frames, and the hardest, NO LAPTOP!

I do my best writing during the middle of the day, the point of the day that I’m actually wide awake, and just before the after lunch crash.  Now, I have to rearrange my entire writing life.  We shall see how this affects me in the grand scheme of things very soon.


ETA: In Between Logic and Longing is going up next.  I’m bouncing back and forth between all my stories, but that one has the most “ready” next chapter.  Yes, FTLOJ’s & Full Circle’s next chapters may be longer and more complete, but they’re not ready to be seen by anyone… unless you want to laugh at the horrible grammar and spelling.


5 thoughts on “Why I haven’t been writing… and I have a good excuse this time!

  1. Well, we are allowed to access the web, but only during lunch. I just think a TOTAL ban is a little bit harsh. This WILL eventually bite them in the ass, I’m absolutely certain. All it will take (God forbid) is one family emergency where a school couldn’t contact a parent or an employee going postal, and this rule will be overturned, I mean, come on, this IS Virginia: we’ve endured acts of terrorism and the Virginia Tech massacre; people NEED their cell phones!

  2. Sorry to be late to this. I totally feel for you, especially since I know that when your process/muse/what-have-you is interrupted, then the writing suffers. I hope that either they lift the ridiculous ban at your work or you figure out a workaround to keep you productive.

    Maybe a little trip to Rotofugi might help ;-). Or a lovely Jacqueline DuPre rendition of the Cello Concerto in E minor Op 85…

    • I do need something! Writing in the evening is hard. Too tired to concentrate. We shall see what happens this weekend. Been struggling to get next chapters of everything up. Something has got to give. BTW: Rotofugi is out of my favorite toy. V. depressed. So I don’t even have that to look forward to. Thanks for the supportive words! 🙂

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