You have a choice…

…the next chapter of “In Between Logic and Longing” in it’s current shameful state.


…a ten page essay on why I feel sorry for myself.

Talk amongst yourselves and let me know what you decide.


10 thoughts on “You have a choice…

  1. I agree. Both. But especially the chapter.

    …perhaps it will make you feel better when we read your beautiful writing and then lavish you with well-earned compliments?? Hmmmmmmm????

  2. Chapter, of course. But I would be willing to listen to your job woes and weight loss struggles, since I’m in a similar boat; however, that new chapter would help us all forget those woes for a bit. :=)

  3. *snort* I wasn’t really going to bore you all with my personal trials and tribulations; I was only kidding. I was giving IBLL a once over last night to prepare it for posting, but I happened to mozy on by and saw that LOST was up for viewing… and three hours later, as they say, the rest was history. Tonight, I promise.

    • we will all help you through this… but we really need our S/U fix…hey I know what you are going through I wouldn’t wish my job on my worst enemy and that is saying something…lol

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