That other theme was cramping my style

Seriously. It made me NOT want to write or post anything. Plus, the shades of gray were also depressing me. I’ll see how this one works out for the next few days. If not, I’m going back to that other them I had before.

ETA: A custom header.

Also, this blog template allows a TypeKit package: the hottest thing in webdesign since sliced bread (or CSS, rather) so I’ll play around with that is the coming days.  Bear with me.  After that, I’ll try to get some writing done.


6 thoughts on “That other theme was cramping my style

    • Plus, this template is supposed to allow customization, but I haven’t, as yet, looked into it. Since I have nothing to do today because of the weather, I guess I could putter around with it. (Nothing to do… *snort* well, there is also writing… there is ALWAYS writing.)

  1. I like it, it makes me smile I have been stuck three days without any electricity here in OK… where everything is dreary… so bright colors are welcome!

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