The Diary of T’Pring of Vulcan

New Year’s Resolutions


Eat chocolate

Bitch about Starfleet Academy, The Federation, and Spock

Waste credits on courses to improve self as is pointless since only viewed as female mating receptacle

Get annoyed with mother, father, brother, Sarek, Amanda, and T’Pau

Sulk over having no available husband or mate within 10 light years

Sulk (as human emotion and therefore ridiculous)

Obsess over Stonn as is pathetic to have crush on male who is not all that  pretty


Eat something other than plomeek soup… and chocolate

Arrange my hair in more becoming fashion

Stop wearing tin foil dresses and investigate the new fashion trends

Learn to be more assertive, confident, and logical


110 lbs (but post Surek’s Day ritual fast, so OK) Plomeek units:  3; Chocolate units: 23

January 1. Noon.  Downtown Shi’Kahr: my flat. Ugh!  The last thing on Vulcan I feel like doing is beaming over to Amanda and Sarek’s house for New Year’s Day Plomeek curry buffet.  Am pretty sure there is no such thing on Vulcan as New Year’s Day or Plomeek curry, but Amanda is human and therefore has ridiculous notions in head.


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    • Thanks! I might expand on it, but I don’t know when. I’ve sort of committed myself to about 50 other stories at the moment. 🙂

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