Yes, Candace, there is a Santa Claus

And by Santa Claus, I mean me.

So, like I mentioned in the comments (WHAT?  You don’t read the comments?  Heck, that’s how I generally get myself into trouble… flushed from all those nice things that people say… I end up promising my readers just about anything)

So, like I mentioned in the comments… I think that A Brief Encounter needs to be a trilogy.  There needs to be a beginning, a middle, and an ending.

Let’s look at that again and break it down, shall we?

1.  Beginning = A Brief Encounter.

2.  The Ending =  The Fundamental Things Apply

3.  The Middle = In Between Logic and Longing

Warning: PG-13 for Language.

“Jim you need to get down here.”

“Why?  What’s going on?”

“Jim, it’s Admiral Nogura.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s down here in the sickbay; she was one of the passengers we rescued.”

Kirk sat in his chair, stupefied for a moment.  Nogura, here, on his ship?

McCoy’s voice broke over the comm.-link again.  “Well, Jim, are you coming or not?”

“On my way, Bones.”

Kirk left his seat in a rapid, fluid, though distracted motion.  He had no words at the moment.  He merely looked at Spock and gestured to the command chair as he hastened to the turbolift.

As Spock moved to take his position, he himself was similarly distracted when Uhura immediately leapt up from her own chair and asked to be dismissed from the bridge.  And before he even had time to summon a member of the Operation’s staff to the communications station to take her place, she was already gone on the next available lift.

Kirk made it to the corridor outside of sickbay and heard the soft, rapid footfalls directly behind him, however he was in too mach of a hurry to see who they belonged to.  The door to sickbay swished open and Kirk, looking left then right, pass rushing med techs and at all of the started and stunned faces of the refugees, quickly determined that Nogura wasn’t one of the group.  He decided upon one of the more private examination rooms; here he had much more success.

She was sitting up on a bio-bed, her head down, the mass of wavy hair wild about her head and shoulders.  When she heard his entrance, she glanced up, her expression, wry.

“I bet I was the last person in the world you expected to see turn up on your ship.”

“Admiral?” asked Kirk, as if saying her title alone was enough of a question to encompass all of his immediate queries into one word.  However, feeling extremely inane for asking her for her own diagnosis, he turned to McCoy, doing exactly the same thing.  “Bones?”

“A broken wrist, she was also shaken up a bit; a few minor cuts and abrasions; she’ll live.”

“Well of course I’ll live; no one dies from a broken wrist!  I might die from the pain, though; shoot me up with something, will you?”

As soon as the hypospray left her neck, the Admiral just happened to glance up and over Kirk’s shoulder, noticing the other occupant of the room.

“Why in the world are you still a lieutenant?”

Kirk’s head whipped around to look behind him.


Uhura’s lips curled into a snarl when she replied.  “I’m still a Lieutenant because I never felt the need to sleep my way to the top… Admiral.”

Nogura scoffed.  “And that’s the key word, isn’t it?  Need.  I admit, I do have my needs, but you, on the other hand, you never needed anything or anyone.  And sister, I just have to look to see that you need something really bad.”

“You stupid-ass–!”

Nogura ignored the explicative and pressed on.  “You should be a full commander by now.  Is it Kirk?  Is he holding you back?  Typical!” she spat.  “Just say the word and I can have you off this ship and out from under this jack-ass today, unless you want a chance to get up under him.”

“I think you need to watch your mouth!”

“How about: bitch?  Am I allowed to say that word?  Bitch!”

Kirk’s head was snapping back and forth at the heated exchange between the two women, finding himself in the rare position of not knowing what in the hell to do.

Uhura took two steps forward and calmly said, “Here’s a word you’re much more familiar with: whore!”

Kirk’s head snapped to the left.  He was even more shocked to hear such a word come from his usually professional and courteous communication’s chief.

“And damn proud of it, too!”

“Right.  Right!” said McCoy, stepping in between the two women when he saw that Kirk would not.  “Let’s get you squared away, Admiral.  That wrist of yours will be stiff for a few days, so take it easy.  All we need to do now is see about getting you some quarters; as you can imagine we’re pretty full up at the moment, but we should be able to come up with something.”

“She can have my quarters, Doctor; I’ll see about bunking with Christine.”

Nogura was all over that.  “You will do no such thing, Lieutenant; I can bunk with you.  I listened to you snore for four years, it’s not going to kill me to listen to you snore for four days more.”

“What makes you think I want you sleeping anywhere near me?”

“Because you didn’t scratch my eyes out as soon as you came in; that tells me that you may still  have some regard for me.  Don’t make me pull rank, Lieutenant.”

Uhura didn’t want to hear anymore.  She pivoted sharply and made for the door.  The Admiral’s next words stopped her cold; the hard edge of her voice now completely gone, turning into a soft plea.

“Ny, please.  Please.”

Unshed tears brightened the Admiral’s eyes; she was holding it together as best she could and Uhura knew it wouldn’t take too much more of anything before Admiral Noguru broke down completely.

Uhura moved quickly and had the battered woman in her arms in no time.  She looked up to both men, telling them plainly with her eyes to leave them alone for a moment; with Kirk making a silent communication of his own: he wanted an explanation and soon.

Admiral Noguru sensing that they were finally alone, relaxed her posture and let her rigid body slump within Uhura’s embrace.

“OK,” said Nyota, “OK; it’s all right; it’s all right; go ahead, they’re gone.” She soothed the Admiral with her hands, stroking the matted, red hair while Nogura wailed pitifully against her, grabbing and clawing at Uhura’s arms and shoulders as if she were drowning and needed pulling up.

“I just wanted to see him one more time; even if it was just an illusion; just one more time.”

“Shhh.  I know.”

“You’re the only one that understands.  You’re the only friend I have left.  I love you so much, Nyota.”

“I know, I know; I love you too, Gaila.”


Yes, this will be a TOS story…. a TOS story with a New Trek twist.

Note:  According to Memory Alpha, Admiral Noguru is not classified as a man or a woman.  In my story I am going to have them as both: A husband and a wife.  Gaila being the wife, obviously.


16 thoughts on “Yes, Candace, there is a Santa Claus

  1. Glad you include Gaila. The exchange between the two is truly sisterly love/hate. The backstory should be interesting.

    • Gaila in this ‘verse is a natural as an Admiral. But there are going to be other revelations! Thanks for stopping by to read!

  2. Oooh! More TOS stories! Yaaay! Thanks, Santa.

    But…I admit that I am confused and stymied! I know all my questions will be answered soon enough. There is so much background between those two.

    I take it this story stands apart from your other TOS stories.

    • No, daring, it still fits into the TOS ‘verse that I have created here. This is what happens between ABE & TFTA.

  3. Ye gads miss T. I actually GASPED sitting in my chair here reading this. I did not see the Green goddess coming atall, even during the slanging match i did not suspect. Does this have a title?

    • Yes, it’s called: In Between Longing and Logic (I sort of switched it around just this morning) and as I say above, the events happen between the two other stories. All will be reavealed.

  4. Wow, you are pulling the rabbit out of the hats LEFT AND RIGHT, my friend!!! I certainly didn’t see Gaila as the Admiral but it’s a lovely twist and I can’t wait to read more so we can see the gender blend/switch.

    You continue to amaze, dear. More please.

    • *snort* Probably spoke too soon. I’m going to be super busy in the coming days… and I can already hear people getting out their torches.

      I wanted to see how Gaila would work in the TOS ‘verse. I haven’t seen a story yet where her character crosses over, so I thought I would be the first (to try?). We shall see how it works, if it does. Thanks for reading!!!

  5. (blink) Whoa. Gaila married an admiral and became an admiral…. Does her husband know that she… well, she is an Orion, and he must know her Starfleet Academy reputation. This trilogy is going to be a wild ride. Will the last of the trilogy have an ultimately happy ending?

    • You’ll learn all about Adm. Nogura (the other one) in the next chapter… and he was well aware of Gaila.

    • Yes, but, but, I didn’t come up with the idea until AFTER I’d already posted the ending. I know, I suck!

      • Perhaps I should have said, the first part of the ending. Sheesh! I think I’m confusing myself.

        In other words… they don’t need to be read linearly. The “middle” is going to be more or less a story about the “in between years” after the the brush with NOMAD and before V-Ger.

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