More David Mountain Hawk

So, like, the new year came and went.  My hair was looking especially nice … for once… I had no one to kiss.  Dreams of Dr. Mountain Hawk were preferable to crying in my sparkling wine.

We had been here for a day and a half and were being treated like royalty—Spock especially. He’d bound his hair and wrapped his head in a maroon silk pagri to hide his ears and eyebrows. He looked very elegant in matching kurta and pants. —Uhura from Happiness at Least

DMH_part 2

Of course I’m still a bit rusty, I haven’t done portraits in years.  Hmmm?  Some refresher art classes I should think.  Haven’t quite captured the proper expression.


6 thoughts on “More David Mountain Hawk

    • Thanks! Today, I was seized with this strange desire to begin illustrating all of my stories. I think I have just passed into the crazy zone. Let’s see how long this irrational thought lasts.

      • That happens to me, although I am decidedly less skilled. I tried drawing Mary and Col. Fitz from Love and Prejudice and it was a catastrophe.

      • Your other sketches are great. Keep it up!! I have thrown away more pieces of paper than I can count. Artists: The true cause of global warming! 🙂

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