Can not get the words “sable” & “richness” out of my head!

[…] being imaginary was a disadvantage that could not be overlooked. –Bridget Jones

Of course, you were all correct: I can not get Happiness at Least out of my frigging head!

And it all has to do with David Mountain Hawk.  Why, oh why, did the author have to say that “he was just another Hun down from the mountains.” Do you know what mysteriously handsome, imaginary characters do to women with over imaginative imaginations… who also just happen to have art degrees?  We pull out the friggin’ sketch book and pencils!



7 thoughts on “Can not get the words “sable” & “richness” out of my head!

  1. LOL… that’s the only bone I have to pick with that story… “David Mountain Hawk” is so fake-sounding. Almost like a porn name.

    • Thanks! Though, the nose needs work. I worked from a photo of The Nimoy… it never works; I need a live model. Hmmm?

      BTW: I’m having Dal & Rice for dinner: That story has turned my entire life upside down it would seem.

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