Read this story before you do anything else!

Just sit your butt down and read it!

Do you hear me?


Happiness at Least

Thank you so much for the rec, Gerriv!!


15 thoughts on “OMG! OMG! OMG!

    • And now I want to go back and read it all over again and savor the nuances. OMG, the structure of it, the symmetry, its form… it makes me weep… weep, I say! Now that is one supremely TALENTED writer with a capital “T”!

      OK, sorry, one more gush and then I will have done… but that story WAS NOT fan fic, WAS NOT, I say! That story crossed over into another realm entirely.

  1. Spock Jones writes such great S/U stories!! I loved her take on the Guardian of Forever. It is my favorite top S/U stories.

    • I agree, when I read this it really stayed with me, and I thought about it for days. It is a softly starting wave of emotion that just builds and builds. Dare I say that Spock Jones is among the best out there. I wish she would do more.

  2. Wait a minute… so you have ALL read the story before and you were holding out on me?

    So, I guess it is a consensus: she is made of AWESOME!

    • Spock Jones is the kind of writer who makes people like me stop writing. She is the best. And her Spock is definitive! Sadly, she doesn’t seem to have time to write any more. Happiness At least. The Island. And have you tried The Reception? Eeee….

      • I haven’t read everything of hers as I tend to avoid stories rated NC17. I got half way through The Island and just could not handle it anymore. Her writing is superb, but I’m the one who is old-fashioned.

  3. I’m so glad you loved it too. I have read it several times, leaves a knot in my stomach each time. My all time favorite Spock/Nyota TOS story.

  4. Spockjones wrote a sequel called “Coda” I think, it is more of an epilogue. Check it out. Also, The Island is awsome too! Very explicit and sexy has hell.

    • I tried reading The Island. I had to stop; it was a little too much for me. Not to take anything away from the writer or the writing, which was great, but I just can’t handle some of the “adult situations”. Hello, Quaker!

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