A Brief Encounter: the explanation OR I guess it’s not cool to avoid ones own blog

Yes, I have been purposely hiding out, avoiding reading the comments on the last chapter of A Brief Encounter.

I get it, it’s not the nice happy ending you wanted, but it was never meant to have the perfectly tied up with a pink bow ending.  The name of the story is A Brief Encounter.

I admit, it was pretty heartless of me to end things the way I did, but come on, it’s a TOTALLY in canon story.  I don’t know about you, but I NEVER got the vibe at the end of The original Star Trek that Spock and Uhura were together.  It could have been possible that they explored the option at one time… but that does not change the fact that they never had the “grand romance”

After the episode The Changeling, Spock went on to having “relations” with The Romulan Commander, Zarabeth, and Valeris… (plus that girl in the cloud city, whose name escapes me at the moment, had a thing for him) and believe me, he wasn’t lonely, pining for the loss of anyone.

That’s what’s so great about the Reb00t Star Trek.  Spock gets his second chance and I am ALL FOR his relationship with Reboot Nyota in those types of stories.  However, as for TOS, that would be: no.

However, I am NOT without compassion.  I will write you all an epilogue… so some of you can have your happy ending… and not try to murder me in my bed.

But think about it, some relationships are just never meant to be.  That was a HUGE!!! theme in TOS.  Look a Kirk.  It was always borne in upon us that Kirk would NEVER get his happy ending… and they even went so far as to KILL HIS SON to prove it!  Kirk was also married to the Enterprise (we were beaten over the head with that theme again, and again, and again… and again!)… and Spock, by default, was “married” to Kirk.

Believe me, I really do love the story as it is; it’s a good commentary on regret and loss and moving on.

BTW: There is STILL a happy ending planned for For the Love of Jane Full Circle Heart’s Guardian!!


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  1. You know, after calming down after my initial reaction, it did occur to me that your ending is consistent with the series. They clearly did not have a grand romance in TOS, but in your story, you see a glimpse of what is realized in an alternate universe. So bittersweet, and a unique and thoughtful take on this.

    • And as I have said, countless times, I don’t do “mushiness” well. It is a real struggle for me to get those types of scenes out. Hence, the sad-ish type ending.

      If people really want to see TOS Spock/Uhura Prime having a believable relationship, might I suggest: Banao5’s excellent TOS Trek stories OR if you really want to see the older Spock/Uhura getting it on (and I do mean getting it on) might I suggest Wildcat’s wonderful Trek Fic. They both seem to “get it”. As I am basically a newbee at Trek Fic, I think it will take me a lot longer. 🙂

  2. I just found this story and I loved it. But, I do wish you had concluded with a happier ending. I know it’s not canon, but this is fiction and you can do whatever you want. Sad endings happen in real life all the time. It’s nice to read a happy one now and then

  3. Yup, you are right that the story is totally in Canon. I think I am in the minority but I actually think the lady Spock actually liked (no spores or time travel) was the Romulan. I think he genuinely respected her. We can’t always have a happy ending and Spock is the ultimate tragic figure. Poor Kirk had it rough too, with his brother dying as well, and every lady he likes seems to die too.

    • Yes, he did like her, but unfortunately she was Romulan and therefore the enemy… and Kirk would have had a coronary!

      You know what, it would be interesting to see a writer explore that relationship… after all, Spock did go to Romulus in TNG episodes Unification 1 & 2. He could have looked her up, got his grove on with her, etc. And no, I am not going to write it. 🙂

      • Read Katherine Daly: she wrote a full length novel on Spock’s relationship with the Romulan Commander, both during the Enterprise Incident and then during Unification. One of the best pieces of fan fic I’ve read. My link to her work is broken, but it’s worth searching for!

      • ACK! I did do a search and couldn’t find anything. Now you’ve got me interested, G. I will just have to dig deeper. Thanks for the rec.

      • Please, tell me how you’ve found that!! All my links to her stuff are broken, and I’d like to find it again, not just this Romulan novel but the rest too. You’re obviously better at searching out stuff than I am. I hope you enjoy the story – I’d be interested to know.

      • I just typed “Romulan Commander” and “Star Trek” into Google. It was like the 3rd or 4th one to come up.:-)

  4. It is canon…I’m just a sucker for romance…lol Wildcat’s S/U TOS stories are so awesome. Another TOS S/U website is
    Rolletti’s Star Trek Fan Fic Site – Spock-Uhura Pairing

    It is hard for me to decided which story I love the most they are just that good…

    • I agree that Wildcat’s TOS stories are the best that I have ever read. Rolletti and Tales from the Spock have some excellent TOS stories too.

      “Happiness at Least” by Tales from The Spockside is a must TOS read.

      • Dang, thanks for the shout out! But I feel compelled to point out that “Happiness At Least” is a very fine piece by spockjones, whose blog can be found at spockjones.blogspot.com. Thanks for the rec. TFTSS

      • This comment was made back in the days when I was reading at least 20 Spuhura story simultaneously – at a point a imagine I got confused. No slight was meant. 🙂 Sorry.

      • No, no, no slight taken! I’m flattered to have been confused in such good company. 😛

    • So many Spuhura stories, so little time… and SO MANY of excellent quality. I hope some of these writers get book deals, they so deserve it!

      • My bad! I recommended Happiness at Least without double checking the author name first.

        I was reading TFSS’s stories and Spockjones stories at the same time and got the names confused. At least everyone found the story anyway and the proper link was posted on this website.

        Sorry for the confusion!

      • And a lot of authors use more than one screen name, so it’s very easy to get all these great stories mixed up – especially if the quality is good – you don’t even second guess it and think it’s the same author.

  5. Well, you warned us there would be a subversive ending. You just write their dynamic so well that I couldn’t help but cry at the sad ending.

    • Thanks! But you know (secretly, between you and me) I think I want to stop writing Reboot Spuhura and write more Prime Universe Spuhura. “They” actually intrigue me a little bit more. But of course, I have now written myself into a hole, as in killing their romance… Perhaps I can start another blog (under another name) and just write Primeverse stories. Hmmmm?

      • TOS Spohura, always TOS. That’s my ST, Nimoy is my Spock, and Nichelle is my Uhura. Zoe and ZQ are delicious, but 10 minutes on the big screen is not enough to replace my first love! Call me old fashioned…..

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