Here’s a little Christmas Eve Story…

Sorry that it’s not the one you want (still working on it) but it is an appropriate story for this evening.  I wrote it last year for the Derbyshire Writer’s Guild and it is a Jane Bennet/Charles Bingley story.

To all of my Star Trek Fan Fic story readers, I just wanted to let you know (if you didn’t already) that I “mainly” write Jane Austen Fan Fic (I can see several of you rolling your eyes… stop it!) So to all you STer’s, if you want a little change of pace from Vulcans and Starships, you might find this little story enjoyable:

Tears on Christmas Eve

BTW:  A shout out and a Happy Christmas hello to MaryEllen; she beta’d this story for me last year!!


2 thoughts on “Here’s a little Christmas Eve Story…

  1. That was wonderful! At last, Charles isn’t being tortured by Mary Bennett for his lack of constancy or any of the Fitzwilliam brothers who’re all trying to woo Jane away from him. Perfect.

    Merry Christmas, dear.

    • Happy Christmas right back at you. Thanks for reading! BTW: I left you a little Christmas gift, but I don’t think you found it yet. Dig under that tree a little deeper. 🙂

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