I want to cry…

Oh no!  It’s coming to an end.  Just putting the finishing touches to the final chapter of A Brief Encounter.  I’m going to post Part 9 as soon as I get home from work (4:30ish) and probably the rest sometime well before Christmas Eve.  It’s always bittersweet when an author comes to the end.  You just don’t want to let go.  And the bad thing, I don’t think I have another Prime universe story in me.  And I really do need to attend to my Jane Austen Fan Fic most urgently. 

So, lets review to see where we all stand:

A Brief Encounter:

Chapter 9:  Finished, ready to be posted (on laptop, not on this computer I’m writing from)

Chapter 10: 98% finished.  The last few paragraphs to be obssessed over again and again (per usual)

Full Circle:

Ugh.  In the process of a bit of a rewrite.  Went wrong somewhere and must pull it back together.  Now that my obessesion with A Brief Encounter is almost to an end, can now return to this one with all of my focus.

Heart’s Guardian:

Totally neglected these last few weeks, but the draft stands a a whopping 50 pages already.  And that is really good for me in the way of writing.

For the Love of Jane:

You may see the next chapter soon.  I know none of you believe me, but as I say again, I will never abandon it.  It will have a ending.


8 thoughts on “I want to cry…

  1. I know what you mean, I am new to the writing part of fanfiction and my fic is about to end and it so hard to let it go…

    But alas I must…

    • I hate leaving things flapping in the wind. Plus, I see all the FTLOJ readers gathering at the edge of my village with torches and pitch forks! 🙂

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