Everything you always wanted to know about Pon Farr but were afraid to ask


7 thoughts on “Everything you always wanted to know about Pon Farr but were afraid to ask

  1. That was so interesting! Isn’t it funny how every time I see T’Pring my mind whispers ‘hussy’ about her, lol? Thanks for posting this. It was also nice to see the other Trek Vulcans going through Pon Farr as well.

    • A couple of months back someone asked me about Pon Farr. I really couldn’t offer anything by way of explanation as there is always my view and the fan fic view. I personally think the fan fic version has gotten a bit blown out of proportion, depicting Spock as some kind of insatiable sex fiend; I always prefer to think of him reverting to the ways of old, as more violence prone (I’m not alluding to violence in a sexual connotation, more as aggressive when people just get in his way, i.e. preventing him from getting home, asking him stupid questions, impatience, etc.) Think about it, if he was some kind of sex crazed lunatic, Christine wouldn’t have stood a chance when she entered his quarters – when he wasn’t throwing soup at her, he was really very gentle and understanding with her.

      OK, stepping off soap box…

      • You make a good point. I read one fic that I thought handled it very well where Spock laughed and giggled like a school girl. He sang raunchy songs and acted like a petulant child whenever Uhura left his sight. I much preferred that version of pon farr to ones where Uhura had cause to fear for her life.

      • OMG! And the biting! Why must Spock bite? I think a lot of people are channeling the ST Voyager Pon Farr episode where B’Leanna Torres was persued by a Vulcan, but he was trying to please her in a Klingon way moreso than the pure Vulcan way. Then again, I could be wrong as I think the original author of the whole Vulcan mating thing (DC Fontana… a woman) never got a chance to delve too deeply into the Vulcan mystique.

    • One more thing: T’Pring. You know, I actually like T’Pring. After the fight between Kirk and Spock, I like how she steps to Spock with that look of part defiance-part contrition, ready to logically state her reasons for invoking the Kallefee.

      • Yes, I totally hate this “sex crazed almost-rapist” in so much of the fan fic. I like to think it is more just that, as Spock says, being stripped of logic, and for a dignified race that is difficult. I actually imagine them laughing, smiling and talking dirty!

  2. Aw, don’t do go defending that hussy! An alleycat by any other name…. No seriously, you’re right and I was calling attention to my ‘irrational and illogical’ dislike of her for Spock’s sake. But truly, if your betrothed had been running around the galaxy for years on end with no thought of me, finding another man might cross one’s mind.

    And she did do justice to that explanation.

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