Can we just talk about the dog for a moment?

This first bit is in baby talk, naturally.

Hello, Noah!  Hello, Noah!  Hello, boy.  That’s a good dog.  Good dog.  Good Dog.  That’s a good boy.  Good boy!

Cutest. Dog.  Ever!

Yes, I know, I talk about Noah’s master waaaayyyy more than I should, but I tell you, I love Noah just as much.

A killer combo!  Forealsies!


7 thoughts on “Can we just talk about the dog for a moment?

    • And the paparazzi just feed out obsession for both. The “Walking Photos” TM are always fantastic, but I always feel just a little bit dirty after viewing them – it’s like we’re intruding. I know, I know, I still love them, but I hate them, as well. Understand?

  1. alright I’ll give you that… I watched the vga and believe me, he was dressed a lot better than a lot of them…

    I think it is the eyes and brows…

    • For me, it’s the nose (everything really)… yet, there is just something a little bit off about the nose that just gets me right in the heart. It makes him seem just that more human and approachable… not that I would ever approach him. A little to star struck and afraid to be one of those fan girly girls. I’ll just admire from a far.

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