A Brief Encounter: Part Seven (in which the author fears she may have stepped into cheese territory)

Author’s note: I am just going to post it.  I can’t take it anymore.  Nyota and Spock are driving me crazy with their foolishness!  This story is NEVER going to end!

“She is unwell.”

“What do you mean by unwell.”

“Her health had steadily deteriorated since yesterday afternoon.  The doctor from the hotel’s medical facility has diagnosed a Rigellian Rotavirus.  Unfortunately, he has never treated a human before so he lacked the skill to treat the affliction.”

“How in the hell did she get a Rigellian Rotavirus?  We’re at least 10 light years away from the Rigel system!”

“There were two Rigellians sitting next to us at a play the other evening.”

“I don’t believe it!”

“Doctor, I assure you, they were Rigellian.”

“Not that, Spock; I don’t believe that you actually went to a play.”

Spock sighed impatiently.

“What can you do for Lieutenant Uhura, Doctor?”

“Do?  What do you think I can do?  I can’t come down to the planet; I’m up to my neck in vomiting and fever as it is.  You’ll have to be the one to take care of her.”

Apart from the routine first aid training that all Starfleet cadets receive, Spock had very little experience tending to an actual sick individual, let a lone a human, and a human female at that.

“I do not think that it would be wise, Doctor.  I am ill-equipped and ill-prepared for such an undertaking.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything.  This ought to be interesting; wait until I tell Jim.”

Even though he was speaking through his communicator, Spock could almost see the Doctor smirking at him just by the sheer flippancy in his tone.

“This is no time for levity, Doctor McCoy.  Lieutenant Uhura’s health is cause for great concern.

“Ok, ok.  So, tell me, what have you done for her so far?”

“She has consumed nothing more than tea and juice in the last 24 hours.  She refuses all solid food, even the Plomeek broth I prepared for breakfast this morning.”

“Are you out of your Vulcan mind?  Human’s don’t want that wretched Plomeek stuff…well, a rational one anyway.”

“With what do you suggest I nourish her, Doctor?”

“Homemade chicken soup is best, and before you get all riled up about a couple of dead chickens, just have it sent down from the hotel restaurant.  Keep giving her plenty of liquids; she’s going to be sicker than sick for the next day or two.  And this part is very important, Spock, if she suddenly gets the chills you must keep her warm, that’s the key… warmth.  Pile her bed high with every blanket in the house if she wants them.  I’ll mix up one of my patented snake oils and beam it down to you.  You will have to inject her with the hypospray every four hours for the next two days and that ought to nip this thing in the bud before she gets too uncomfortable.  Understood?”

Spock had already recognized that there was no other logical choice.  “Understood,” he replied.


“Spooooccckkkk,” the hoarse, raspy voice called out from the other room.  “Spoooccccckkkk!”

“I am here, Nyota; I am here” he said, coming into her room with a refilled pitcher of water and a plate of crackers.  Setting them down on the nightstand, he stood at the side of her bed with his hands behind his back, looking down at her.

“I thought you’d left me; I thought you had abandoned me to die down here all alone.’

“Like I told you before, you are not alone.  You are here on Star Base 16.  You are ill and in your bed.  You sent me to retrieve more water and crackers?”

She did not seem to hear him.

“First Doctor McCoy left me, then you and the Captain left me, then Scotty jumped through next, and I was all alone with only the Guardian.”

“You are not alone, Nyota; it is just the fever talking.”

“No, no; you are mistaken; you were all gone, you all left me down here alone.  Why did you all leave me, Spock?  I had to call you to make you come back.”

“Yes, I came back when you called my name.”

She sat up, grabbed his arm and pulled him down to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Don’t leave me all alone, Spock.  Please don’t leave me to die on this planet by myself with only the Guardian to talk to.”

“No, I will not leave you to die on the planet.”

She was just about to lay her head back down when it looked as if she needed him to reassure her once more.

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

Her head made it to the pillow once more.

“Cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

Her head left the pillow again, her eyes, wild. “CROSS YOUR HEART, HOPE TO DIE, STICK A NEEDLE IN YOUR EYE?”

“Yes, I-I uh, cross my heart hope to die,” he finished lamely.


“Yes, Nyota, yes; stick a needle in my eye!”

The eyes which he now rolled.


He watched as she now closed her eyes, smiled in satisfaction, and dropped her head back down onto the pillow.  She then reached out with her right hand and placed her palm in the middle of his chest.

“Cross your heart, hope to die…”  Her voice began to fade as she seemed to be drifting off to sleep again, but then her eyes suddenly flew open.  She looked panicked.  “No heart, no heart; you don’t have a heartbeat!  You promised me that you would cross your heart, but you don’t have a heart!  You’re going to die and leave me all alone.”

“Nyota, I do have a heart.  Here, feel my heart.”  He took her hand and gently slid it from the middle of his chest, down his torso, until it rested on his side.  “See, my heart is here, Nyota.”

His hand rested on top of hers for a long moment, and together they felt its steady rhythm pulsating beneath their joined fingers.  The beating seemed to calm her for she settled back down and closed her eyes once more.

“Your heart beats; you are not dead. I am not alone.  I can feel your heart.”

“Because your hand is resting over my heart.”

“You gave me your heart.”

“Yes, your hand is on my heart.”

“Your heart, give me your heart.”




“My heart.”

“Yes, Nyota.”

“My heart.”


“My heart is your heart.”

“You are very tired, Nyota.”

“Tired; so tired”

“Yes, Nyota; you are very tired.  Go to sleep.”

“Don’t leave me,” she whimpered quietly, her eyes still closed.

“I will not leave you.”


“I will not leave you.”

“Never leave… my heart.”

“No, I will never leave.”

“Never leave my heart.

“No, I’ll never leave your heart.”

Spock watched as she smiled one last contented smile before she finally drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

To be continued.


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  1. Awww…. you had better have a next chapter coz this is GREAT! Love McCoy’s “Snake Oil”, I know Spock is suspicious of his beads and rattles! Poor Nyota, will she forget what she said?

    • Actually, this chapter “was” longer, but it cut off better at this point then the previous. If I get my act together tonight, I’ll likely post the rest. Thanks for reading!

  2. I loved this! From beginning to end, especially Uhura making Spock swear he’s not leaving her and that his heart is hers (well…once she found it LOL!!) Great stuff and I can’t wait for more.

    • Hmmmm? No one seems to *notice* the way that particular scene was staged. Let us review:

      “Nyota, I do have a heart. Here, feel my heart.” He took her hand and gently slid it from the middle of his chest, down his torso, until it rested on his side. “See, my heart is here, Nyota.”

      Spock is pretty slick, if you ask me!

    • I was pretty hesitant about this chapter – I didn’t want it to be too silly. Glad you think it’s sweet and funny. Thanks!

    • It’s the chessiest! And nobody writes cheese better than me! Glad I didn’t scare you away. Thanks for coming back and reading!

  3. Yes, there was cheese in this chapter. But I like cheese. In fact, I ate a bunch of smoked gouda just the other day.
    Poor Ny is going to be embarrassed when she is no longer delirious and realizes what she was babbling about. I love the picture of Spock playing nurse to Ny.

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