I found that story… finally!

A while ago (back in the summer) I read a wonderful series of ST09 stories, not thinking to bookmark them, and I immediately lost track of them.  I desperately tried to find them again without success… until today.

If you have never read them, then I suggest you do.  The series really takes Spuhura through the range of emotions.  Read them in the order that I have posted them in.  The author is amazingly talented and the stories are touching and enjoyable!

Illogical Choices

Blood and Water

Full Circle (not to be confused with that other “Full Circle” that I’m writing).  Hmm?  Name change, perhaps?



2 thoughts on “I found that story… finally!

  1. Ah! The story with the girl you were telling me about. Weird how I never stumbled across this series before.

    Enjoyable reading (although it took me a while to get into it) and ended up reading the whole lot in one sitting.
    I write this still sniffing and mopping my eyes.
    Thanks for the rec!

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