Guess which muse decided to come back to me today?

More Full Circle goodness on the way!


4 thoughts on “Guess which muse decided to come back to me today?

  1. You know…when you post things like this, it only encourages us to storm the castle (so to speak) again and again until we see the posts with the chapters. Again, no one to blame but yourself for turning us (okay ME) into greedy, grasping, addicted souls.

    BUT, I’m very glad to hear that your muse isn’t out streetwalking with mine anymore–that’s she’s put her considerable talent to use for good instead of evil ;-).

    • And I was in the zone as I worked on it today… and then lunch ended. How about if I give you a little sneak peak? You know the password! The official post tomorrow.

      • Unfortunately, I had every intention of posting Full Circle today (and I’m still going to try) but both Spock and Uhura Prime stood on either side of my bed last night (like some terrible ghosts of Christmas yet to come) reminding me that if it wasn’t for them and their performances in TOS, there would be no Selkek and no Jenusia and no Full Circle to write about in the first place. I have to bow to the wisdom of the (not so) ancients.

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