Candace, you’re already a winner to me!

The lovely and talented, Candace, of Musings of a Daydreamer, has been nominated in two (count em’, two) story categories (for Pride & Logic and  Mail Order Bride) in Livejournal’s Spock/Uhura Awards.

I, of course, am extremely happy for her, but at the same time extremely jealous as I am not a Livejourneler and can not participate in all the fun.

The only question remains, will we see the Harry Winston Diamonds or the Lorraine Schwartz jewelry on the red carpet?

BTW:  The nominees for Best Multi-Chapter… Ooooo, that is a hard one.  All of our old friends are there: Conversational Vulcan is super terrific, but A Mutual Feeling is as well.  And my sweet Lord, Miscommunication is made of awesome.  Actually, I’m kind of glad I don’t get to pick.  That is one tough-ass category.  But if I had to pick… no, not even going there!

And furthermore…OMG!  The Best Series category…  The Opposite of Logic is up against Human Relationships: Mating Rituals AND Like the Stars, Like your Destiny.  There is NO WAY to pick a winner in that category!  NO WAY WHATSOEVER!!!  My heart inches just a millimeter closer to The Opposite of Logic as it was the first Spuhura story that I fell in love with, but the others are also right up there.  This will be sweet torture for the voters.

One good thing though, there are many stories listed that I have yet to discover.  Well, I know what I’m going to be doing for the next few weeks… writing will suffer. 😉


8 thoughts on “Candace, you’re already a winner to me!

  1. Congratulations, Candace!

    Yeah, I looked at the nominations – there are a couple of impossible categories.

    I was a bit put out for you that SPAT didn’t appear in the ‘Best outside the community’ category, cos it beats the pants off the others there IMO.

    • Thanks, but really, don’t be. 🙂 I know when I am out-classed. Come on, “Insights”? SPAT WOULD NOT have a snow balls chance.

      The one story in that category that I am absolutely stunned that was not nominated was: How To Get the Vulcan You Want In Six Easy Steps. I think that is my absolute favorite… well, when it’s not switching back and forth between “The Opposite of Logic” in my head.

      And as I said before, stories like “The Opposite of Logic” sent me into a tailspin of writer’s block for days at its sheer brilliance.

      Oh and BTW, STILL have not read Descartes Error… I need to get on that!

      • Thanks for the shout out!
        I nominated SPAT! I totes thought you should have made the cut. But I guess a ton of outside fics were recommended.

        I don’t know how I will choose either. I wish everyone could win. I had a hard time just nominating one story in some categories!

      • Thanks C, right back at you! But there are so many great stories out there. Like all the actors say, it’s an honor just to be nominated. I hope you win!

  2. SPAT should have been on that list. 😦

    It will be tough to chose, indeed. I haven’t read a lot of those, and I will be doing so before I cast a vote.

    Congratulations to Candace. I really ❤ Pride and Logic! 🙂

    (Sorry for spamming, Theresa. This was my only chance. I haven't been able to read your blog from home for days!)

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